Tweetbot: App of the Week

Mar 23 2012
Tweetbot for iPad

One of the key rented properties for any social media strategy is Twitter. A thing I find really neat about Twitter, some may disagree, is that each post is limited to 140 characters. No more, less is acceptable. One might assume that there wouldn’t be too much effort devoted to the interface from which we tweet, seeing as there’s only at most 140 characters going out. It’s an interesting thing though…There is so much focus placed on the way we interact with the service that it seems the applications and their interfaces are equally as important as Twitter itself when the experience is viewed as a whole. It can make it or break it. Tweetbot does the former, in spades.

When it comes to Twitter apps for iOS, there are many...

RD2 Tech: iPad Launch

Mar 16 2012
Chris and his new iPad

Most people have little things they enjoy or use that makes their lives easier. Here at RD2, we’re no different.

Rumors of a new iPad coming out have been swirling for several months, just like any anticipated/wanted/desired Apple product. Retina display, 4G data capabilities, haptic feedback, built-in bread oven… Okay, so maybe that last one was a little far fetched. Even though many of the rumors said this version of iPad wasn’t going to be a big change, we were still pretty pumped about it and the possibilities it could bring to us and our clients...

Patrick @STATRAVEL on RD2

Dec 7 2010

Chemistry is something that you can feel. You can see it in the work and you sense it in the energy behind the ideas that are created within a team. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with the team at STA Travel and there are many beautiful online properties as a result of our working together.

was kind enough to take a few minutes out of his day to record a few words about his experience in working with us...

Blogworld 2010 With Southwest Airlines

Oct 21 2010

This past week and weekend we were able to fly to Las Vegas to participate in Blogworld. Southwest Airlines had a booth and we worked the booth with them for a couple of days. Overall this was a great event. We had the opportunity to spend some quality time with not only the BlogSouthwest team but some other really cool vendors at the show. During the show, Brian Lusk (aka ) interviewed me. The interview was fun for me as it seems that Brian and I had some good chemistry. We’ve been through a lot together...

Gary Hamel On RD2

Oct 20 2010

We recently launched another version of The MIX. This is a project that has been ongoing for over two years now. After meeting with Gary many times in the beautiful San Francisco area I finally got to see him in Action. This week Gary spoke at Dell and we were able to make it down there to watch him. I’ve met some smart people in my life and this guy is one of the tops. Gary is just an unbelievable speaker. I wish everyone in business had the opportunity to see him speak, let alone work directly with him.

We were able to have lunch with Gary Hamel and Andy Lark and catch up on a few things prior to Gary’s speaking engagement...

Andy Lark on RD2 Partnership & Dell ITEN Android Application

Oct 5 2010

As part of the effort in developing the recently launched Android Application for Dell, we had a series of iterative reviews with the Dell team. Chris Collins made RD2 his home away from home. Also, Andy Lark visited us in Dallas for a final review and application test drive. We had some informal discussion on how the project was running and captured a few of his thoughts on what he felt was critical about partnerships like ours.

It’s obvious that we are super pleased with how the RD2 team was able to pull this off in three weeks from start to finish. It should also be mentioned though that the Dell team was simply amazing at helping us define these requirements and work hand in hand as part of the team...

David Loves Texadelphia

Aug 19 2010

We’ve worked with David for a couple of years now but have never met him in person until this week. He lives in Monroe, Georgia. In planning his trip to come see us, to get some work done, he kept saying he wanted to have a “Texadelphia experience.” He’d been looking at their website right around lunch time most days and he said it always made him more hungry.

So, when he arrived we loaded up a couple of cars and took him to have his first Texadelphia Experience at the Greenville Avenue, Old Town location...

Gil Turchin: “It Was Easy Working With RD2″

Aug 2 2010

Recently we posted about the launch of the new Turchin Capital Advisors brand and website. Late last week, Gil Turchin stopped by to pay us a visit. We were reflecting on the project and the final creative assets for his new brand and I was surprised he did not mind when I used my iPhone4 to capture a few of his comments...