Andy Lark on RD2 Partnership & Dell ITEN Android Application

Oct 5 2010

As part of the effort in developing the recently launched Android Application for Dell, we had a series of iterative reviews with the Dell team. Chris Collins made RD2 his home away from home. Also, Andy Lark visited us in Dallas for a final review and application test drive. We had some informal discussion on how the project was running and captured a few of his thoughts on what he felt was critical about partnerships like ours.

It’s obvious that we are super pleased with how the RD2 team was able to pull this off in three weeks from start to finish. It should also be mentioned though that the Dell team was simply amazing at helping us define these requirements and work hand in hand as part of the team. Thanks Chris Collins, Rishi Dave, Mark Belcher, and Andy Lark for your help.

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