Dec 23 2006

When I first typed in my search to learn about Drupal, I spelled it “Droople.” Luckily “Droople Blog” on google returned the proper spelling. It took a few requests from Charlotte to get me there, but after realizing that I might be coming across like we were a WordPress only shop, I wanted to prove the strength of our team and prove our knowledge in many applications...

“Fear Is the Mind Killer”

Dec 23 2006

When I was at the conference in Sonoma, there were several comments that were so inspiring, I had to write them in my notebook. Phillip Rosedale (CEO of Linden Lab) made the comment, “Fear Is the Mind Killer.” He was so right. We are working on some things that are extremely cool. Applications that bring businesses a huge step closer to realizing the power of some of these emerging technologies. To make things more challenging, RD2 has always been all about taking it a step further. It’s not enough just to figure out how the technologies work…the job is never done until a compelling user experience is created...

Guidewire: Sonoma Trip

Dec 21 2006

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Guidewire Group Fall Leadership Forum in Sonoma, California. Since I have been back in Dallas, life has been a blur. I hope to catch up on writing about what turned out to be one of the most rewarding events I have ever been a part of. Chris Shipley was the moderator of some incredibly interesting discussions...



Dec 21 2006

Griego introduced me to SuprGlu today. It’s a really cool site that lets you create your own personal mashup. Now my feeds from, , , rd2 blog (my posts) and my personal blog are all fed into my SuprGlu page. I love the idea of this because it takes all of the applications that I use every day and aggregates the content to one place...


Christmas Music

Dec 20 2006

We started the RD2 Christmas music listening yesterday. The general feeling is that, cynics be damned, six days out (five now) is fair game for a little community Christmas spirit-bringing through music.

I, personally, quite enjoy some good holiday music. Notice the word choice: good holiday music. Sappy songs about saving up to buy your poor mother shoes need not apply.

Great Christmas albums I’ve been listening to this season:

Ray Charles – The Spirit of Christmas The Blind Boys of Alabama – Go Tell it on the Mountain Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy David Jr...

First Days

Dec 18 2006

Former President of Texas A&M University, Dr. Robert M. Gates was sworn in as US Secretary of Defense this morning.

Bob Gates handed diplomas to Texas A&M grads (including my roommate Lauren) for the last time this weekend, and was sworn in as Secretary of Defense this morning. I’m starting a new job today, too. Granted, I spend very little of my time dealing with Peace in the Middle East (I’ll mostly answer the phone today until a project comes up), but it’s an exciting day nonetheless.

While at A&M, Dr. Gates had a golf cart that he used to navigate campus, complete with horns sawed off on the front and maroon A&M fuzzy dice hanging from the rear-view mirror...


The Greatness of Peter Boyle

Dec 14 2006
The world lost a truly original talent yesterday. I thought it would be nice to remember him at his very best in Young Frankenstien. May he rest in peace.

Southwest Wanna Get Away

Dec 13 2006

With the holiday spirit abound and many people planning winter vacations, the thought of getting the heck out of Dodge is almost palpable. Not bad timing for Southwest Airlines’ newest addition to the online community: a brand new video blog inviting all to post their versions of the popular “Wanna Get Away” ad campaign. The site was launched yesterday, and has had well over 1,000 unique visitors already.

The idea behind reflects one of the main components of web 2.0: allowing users to contribute content. Anyone from the general public is able to create their own “Wanna Get Away” moment, film it, upload it to YouTube, and submit it to Southwest...