My new obsession: Mobile Content Creation

Dec 29 2008

I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday! This Christmas season, as I was out and about (without my computer) with family and friends and even more family, I am again remembering my affinity for mobile content creation.

Below are reviews of my favorite mobile content creation tools. I’d love to hear your additions to the list!

Twitterific iPhone app WordPress iPhone app Flickr via e-mail Twitterific

Twitterific is an iPhone application that allows me to keep up with my Twitter feeds and post tweets...

Which widgets: what content is really valuable in your Blog’s side bar?

Dec 18 2008

In many situations (fashion, food, my social life), I tend to disagree with the old adage that less is more. I love Halloween costumes, Las Vegas, loaded ice cream sundaes, drinking expensive champagne, etc. etc. For the most part I wholeheartedly believe that more is in fact, and by definition, more.

In my job however, it’s all about streamlining. At RD2, we tend to refer to it as “do less better.” We know that our clients can’t be all things to all people, and that just because we can include a cool feature doesn’t mean it’s the right fit...

Clients in the news:

Dec 15 2008

A few weeks ago we announced the relaunch of This morning, National Credit Report made the official announcement in the form of this .

Here is an excerpt from the release:

Steel Vaults Launches ...

Twitter stats and starting your own corporate Twitter account

Dec 11 2008

Twitter is my current addiction. It’s been great, especially as we launched our . Hours after the twitted announcement, we had several new SharePoint followers, and have begun some really interesting conversations with those contacts.

The HP Lab in Palo Alto recently did a study reviewing the average use of Twitter users (full report available in PDF here)... Launch!

Dec 9 2008

Fair Warning: I’m biased – We love PlainsCapital Corporation. So, this is going to be a shameless post about the great people who work there. The PlainsCapital Corporation team sets the bar for customer service in their business, and is now extending it online in a new and innovative way. At a time when Banks are having some obvious challenges, PlainsCapital Corporation is Strong, Stable, and Growing.

Why this launch is significant

This website is built entirely on SharePoint 2007. There’s a lot of power in SharePoint, but in the past, designers and developers have had difficulty in figuring out how to deploy webparts maintaining a strong sense of design...

Top 6 reasons people use the internet

Dec 3 2008

I found a survey (dated April 2008) by Gartner today with the top reasons people use the internet.

Top 6 reasons people use the internet:

Use e-mail Gather information Online banking Sharing photos, videos, and files Geographic navigation services Shopping online

These six things are becoming “utilitarian,” and any new medium (mobile devices, etc.) will have to consider the importance of these six in user’s lives to succeed. I wish that the study would have broken down “gathering Information,” as it seems a little broad...

The HDK1

Dec 1 2008

Some of us have a weakness for bikes of all shapes and sizes. Personally, I’ve a sick passion for steel road bikes, rigid-single-speed mountain bikes and Italian sport bikes. Lately, I’ve also been keeping tabs on my buddy Richard Krall, who has been building his HDK1.

The other day Richard sent me some more pictures of his new bike. He said he would not mind if I shared them on our blog. The work he has done on this rig is really, really nice...


In the Spirit of Thanksgiving

Nov 26 2008

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to do a quick post for all you foodies out there about a favorite food and recipe blog of mine.

I recently discovered the Bread & Honey food blog, a blog started by two foodies, Summer Allen-Gibson and Alicia Lynn Carrier. Both authors are young moms who love cooking food, creating new recipes, and sharing inspirational, and often times, funny stories surrounding the food...