When will you read this?

Aug 10 2010

Several years ago, we did some high-level research to find out the optimal day of the week and time of day to post content. When are users most actively online reading blogs, browsing websites, exploring social media networks, etc.? To get a fresh and more current idea on these stats, we browsed through some more recent studies.

Day of Week

According to an article on Daily Blog Tips, recent studies have found that Monday and Tuesday are the most highly trafficked days of the week...


On this day in RD2 History…

Feb 12 2010

Back in 2006 on February 12th, our team launched two great websites: the Southwest Airlines Adopt-A-Pilot Blog and the Rough Creek Lodge website. Both websites are special memories in our history.

The Southwest Airlines Adopt-A-Pilot blog was our first opportunity to work with the amazing team at Southwest Airlines. The website served as a new tool for the Adopt-A-Pilot program and was created to bring the pilots closer to the classrooms. The Adopt-A-Pilot Blog launch created a buzz locally.

On the same day, we announced the launch of a completely different website, the new website for Rough Creek Lodge...

My new obsession: Mobile Content Creation

Dec 29 2008

I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday! This Christmas season, as I was out and about (without my computer) with family and friends and even more family, I am again remembering my affinity for mobile content creation.

Below are reviews of my favorite mobile content creation tools. I’d love to hear your additions to the list!

Twitterific iPhone app WordPress iPhone app Flickr via e-mail Twitterific

Twitterific is an iPhone application that allows me to keep up with my Twitter feeds and post tweets...

Even inanimate objects can participate in Social Media

Nov 11 2008

As of this afternoon, I am following the on Twitter...

Who’s really using all these tools?

Nov 3 2008
Social Media in the Fortune 500

I find myself frequently checking Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki – the wiki that catalogs which of the Fortune 500 are blogging – and links to each blog...

The Road Warrior Blogging Survival Kit

Nov 14 2007

From time to time, there’s a lot of traveling happening here at RD2...

TextMate, the Blogging Tool

May 7 2007

I own about 142 text editors and organizational utilities/apps. Chris gave me another sampling of one of his favorite tools tonight. TextMate. My first attempt to use TextMate is as a tool for blogging. So far, it’s pretty easy. We’ll see…

Designing a Blog About Everything

Apr 2 2007

Shopping.com came to us a while ago wanting a big, fun corporate blog. We proved that the idea of “fun” and “corporate” could co-exist when we worked with Southwest last year. I can say however, it takes a lot of creative energy from both us and the client to keep the spirit light and the executives happy...