Giving Bugzilla a monster makeover.

Jan 3 2013

We use Bugzilla a lot here at RD2. It is a great tool for tracking website and app issues, assigning tasks, and all round helping us get projects from Development to Launch. Unfortunately, especially for those of us that are more design oriented, it’s lack of aesthetics is almost unbearable...

Blog Southwest is All About the LUV

Jul 2 2012

You don’t have to look very hard to see all the love that comes from Southwest Airlines. From free bag check-ins for their Customers, to their work in the community, to their great Employee recognition programs, they are a company that always focuses on recognizing it’s Employees and it’s Customers as the invaluable assets that makes them a success...

Thank You: Veterans Day 2011

Nov 11 2011
Thank You: Veterans Day 2011

11.11.11 is certainly a unique and important day. Leaving my neighborhood early this morning it was refreshing to see a great deal of homes flying American Flags at the foot of their yards...

Candy and Cackles: SWA Launches Halloween Theme on

Oct 28 2011

We love to have fun. And we love that Southwest Airlines loves to have fun, too. Part of our latest blog design (v3) for Nuts About Southwest was adding the ability to create night and day themes for holidays and special occasions. Happily, SWA has really pushed us to make sure we capitalize on that, and as of today, you can now see our “spook-tacular” Halloween theme. If you can stay up past sunset (6:40pm) you can witness two great pieces of ingenuity at work. The first being the custom script that we created to calculate the exact moment that sundown occurs over Love Field (every day of the year, year round) and the second being the illuminating and bewitching night theme...

We’ve Remembered, Every Day for Ten Years

Sep 10 2011
We’ve Remembered, Every Day for Ten Years

On a Tuesday morning, ten years ago, our country was violated in the most frightening way imaginable. We were gripped with fear, here in Texas, even though were were 1,500 miles away. What must it have been like to be at ground zero, to be a passenger on a plane, to be in a morning meeting in a tower, to have been a New York Police Officer, a New York Fire Fighter, a New York Paramedic, a Citizen of New York City, a Father, a Mother, a Son, A Daughter, a Brother, a Sister, a Friend, or in any way related to any victim?

We all remember where we were when we first heard the news. We were in shock when we heard of the plane that came crashing into the Pentagon. We heard rumors of many more planes unaccounted for...


Enter the AFFD

Jul 14 2011
Enter the AFFD
Tonight the RD2 crew will enjoy the full VIP treatment at the 10th Annual Asian Film Festival of Dallas Opening Party in Uptown, Dallas. If you are in the neighborhood and want to meet some great people and talk film you should swing by! But it will have to be starting at 8 pm. Sorry, VIP is exclusive to RD2 Ninjas.

New Zealand Bound

Jun 25 2011
We have worked hard and we have been lucky too. The work we do has given us many opportunities to grow in unique ways. This time around we are traveling to New Zealand to work with the New Zealand team that will be competing in the America's Cup. It's going to be a total immersion in the culture and elements of racing on the water. I'll work hard to post pics and document the experience. It's gonna be a ride!

HBR Features The MIX

Jun 2 2011

Was pleasantly surprised yesterday to be looking at both The MIX and HBR and noticed this feature on HBR of the These guys at The MIX continue to do some really great things. Thanks Michele for pointing this out!