Grounded for Enhancements

Aug 24 2012

When you’re Southwest Airlines and you’re running one of the most recognized and awarded corporate blogs, you take your website performance and updates seriously. As the main portal for news and culture, Southwest wanted to make sure their users were getting the best experience from their website...

Blog Southwest is All About the LUV

Jul 2 2012

You don’t have to look very hard to see all the love that comes from Southwest Airlines. From free bag check-ins for their Customers, to their work in the community, to their great Employee recognition programs, they are a company that always focuses on recognizing it’s Employees and it’s Customers as the invaluable assets that makes them a success...

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on Blog Southwest

Mar 16 2012

As usual, Southwest Airlines is sharing their holiday spirit on Nuts about Southwest. This time for St. Patrick’s Day! While you’re checking out the blog theme, read some of their St. Patty’s Day posts.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!

Candy and Cackles: SWA Launches Halloween Theme on

Oct 28 2011

We love to have fun. And we love that Southwest Airlines loves to have fun, too. Part of our latest blog design (v3) for Nuts About Southwest was adding the ability to create night and day themes for holidays and special occasions. Happily, SWA has really pushed us to make sure we capitalize on that, and as of today, you can now see our “spook-tacular” Halloween theme. If you can stay up past sunset (6:40pm) you can witness two great pieces of ingenuity at work. The first being the custom script that we created to calculate the exact moment that sundown occurs over Love Field (every day of the year, year round) and the second being the illuminating and bewitching night theme...

Introducing Nuts About Southwest 3.0

Jan 26 2011

Five years ago we launched the first version of Nuts About Southwest. It was simple and straight forward. A blog where Southwest Airlines could share their stories and culture. A way to more deeply connect the Southwest Airlines brand with Customers by exposing how Southwest Airlines ticks. We knew this was a very special launch in that Southwest Airlines was taking a tremendous step forward at a time when companies were not yet completely taking the risk of jumping into the social space...

Nuts About Southwest inducted into Blog “Hall of Fame”

Nov 8 2010

Given that Southwest Airlines’ blog, Nuts About Southwest has won “Best Corporate Blog” by PRNews Platinum PR Awards three years straight, it didn’t come as a big surprise when we learned that this year they were inducted into the PR News “...

Blogworld 2010 With Southwest Airlines

Oct 21 2010

This past week and weekend we were able to fly to Las Vegas to participate in Blogworld. Southwest Airlines had a booth and we worked the booth with them for a couple of days. Overall this was a great event. We had the opportunity to spend some quality time with not only the BlogSouthwest team but some other really cool vendors at the show. During the show, Brian Lusk (aka ) interviewed me. The interview was fun for me as it seems that Brian and I had some good chemistry. We’ve been through a lot together...

Congratulations Southwest!

Oct 3 2008

We are thrilled to congratulate Nuts About Southwest for being named the Best Corporate Blog by PR News’ Platinum PR Awards for the second year in a row!

SWA and RD2 launched the original Blog Southwest in 2006, and in 2008 upgraded the blog with a new design and included additional features such as a video blog, podcasts, news, flickr integration, and media galleries.

As usual, the expectations were extremely high, and the competition was fierce – with firms such as Weber Shandwick, Ogilvy & Mathers, and Hellerman Baretz in the running...