Southwest Holiday Greetings

Dec 19 2007

Are you traveling this holiday season? Be sure to check out the Southwest Airlines Blog for some Holiday Travel Tips, including a humorous, but very useful, holiday packing video...

Handango Blog Launched!

Nov 24 2007

Now this is a subject that I can get into… Let’s see, small electronic devices that can make telephone calls, act as my personal information manager, guide me on my travels with GPS navigation, email, chat and instant message, not to mention thousands of other uses that could be performed on the hand held mobile device of our choice! Not a bad set of subject matter to create a blog for, when you first think about it.

Most of the time when we get calls from customers who want blogs, we have to ask the simple, three-letter question...

Krejci – Inner Tube Bags

Nov 20 2007

Just when I thought I had seen it all, here’s a totally sweet approach to carrying your stuff in an eco-friendly bag that is good for the environment, looks swank, and can double as an emergency patch kit in case you really need one. I’m going to figure out how to get one of these for sure!

When traveling, of course one of those essential tools is my MacBook Pro. Love the computer but HATE the power cord that comes with it. Cool idea how the outer compartment is made just for the power cord and maybe a few other things...



The Road Warrior Blogging Survival Kit

Nov 14 2007

From time to time, there’s a lot of traveling happening here at RD2...

Cruising BlogWorld with Southwest Airlines

Nov 11 2007

Southwest Airlines had a booth at the BlogWorld Expo in Vegas, and I was lucky enough to hang out with them for the show. There was a lot to learn and a myriad of vendors showing off their technologies and services.

For the show, I had my MacBook Pro with iMovie and Final Cut Studio. Pairing my computer with a handy little Sanyo cam, and we were able to fire off a few clips (also seen on For these videos, Christi and I put together some “on-the-fly, up close and personal” videos...

Southwest Halloween Candy LUV

Oct 31 2007

There’s way too much candy here in the office. Before eating every last piece of candy corn, out came the camera and we took a few shots. Elizabeth finessed the image in photoshop to turn out some Halloween candy LUV...

links for 2007-10-25

Oct 24 2007
Pacemaker really sweet new music player, dj tool.

links for 2007-10-22

Oct 21 2007
making managing bookmarks slightly better? Yet another app for the mac.