RD2 Tech: iPad Launch

Mar 16 2012
Chris and his new iPad

Most people have little things they enjoy or use that makes their lives easier. Here at RD2, we’re no different.

Rumors of a new iPad coming out have been swirling for several months, just like any anticipated/wanted/desired Apple product. Retina display, 4G data capabilities, haptic feedback, built-in bread oven… Okay, so maybe that last one was a little far fetched. Even though many of the rumors said this version of iPad wasn’t going to be a big change, we were still pretty pumped about it and the possibilities it could bring to us and our clients...

Apple WWDC Imminent

Jun 9 2008

What a beautiful sight to behold. Why, you ask? Well naturally due to the prospect that the new iPhone will be added to the store today.

The Apple World Wide Developers Conference begins in about 10 minutes (12 CST). Hopefully Mr. Jobsy will have lots of cool new Apple devices to talk about, most importantly the 3G iPhone.

Head over to Engadget for live updates. I would take on this task but I have another job I must attend to...

links for 2007-10-22

Oct 21 2007
making managing del.icio.us bookmarks slightly better? Yet another del.icio.us app for the mac.


links for 2007-09-19

Sep 18 2007
Best Mac Software.org – The Best Software for Mac OS X (OSX) best software for mac Seashore – Screenshot replacement for photoshop — free!

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Apple store is down for updates – new iPod?

Sep 5 2007

Maybe you’ve heard that Apple is making some sort of announcement today. Rumor suggests (and I sincerely hope) the announcement will be about the iPod line.

Currently the Apple store is down, which makes me think new product is going up (and we will know what that product is very soon).

The thing I love about Apple is that more often than not when new product is announced, I can go to the Apple store and buy it same day...


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Building SVN 1.4 on Intel Macs

Sep 28 2006

The Subversion development team recently released version 1.4 of the Subversion client and server, which includes some handy improvements.

`svn diff` can now optionally ignore whitespace and differences between platform end of line styles when computing the difference between files. OS X Keychain (OS X’s password store) support. Significant working-copy performance improvements. File size improvements when working with binary files. A handful of new command line options. More than 40 bugfixes.

It’s important to note that the Subversion development team warns that the working copy storage format, i.e...



Mac Evangelists

Jul 14 2006

I’ve always admired the way Mac turns its consumers into “brand evangelists” (the textbook term for the most intense form of brand loyalty).

Until RD2, my Mac experience peaked with Oregon Trail at Pinkerton Elementary school...



Windows + Mac Testing on One Machine

Apr 21 2006

Working on a Mac can be great for publishing Flash animations, since the Flash player looks the same on both the Windows and Mac platforms. But a recent jaunt back into the world of HTML made it obvious that even the best Mac-only design can fall apart when viewed on Internet Explorer.

Enter Parallels.

Using this software on an Intel Mac, I can test Mac browsers (Safari, Opera, Firefox) and Windows browsers (IE 5-7, Firefox, Netscape) all without shutting down OS X, like Apple’s Boot Camp requires...