RD2 Tech: iPad Launch

Mar 16 2012
Chris and his new iPad

Most people have little things they enjoy or use that makes their lives easier. Here at RD2, we’re no different.

Rumors of a new iPad coming out have been swirling for several months, just like any anticipated/wanted/desired Apple product. Retina display, 4G data capabilities, haptic feedback, built-in bread oven… Okay, so maybe that last one was a little far fetched. Even though many of the rumors said this version of iPad wasn’t going to be a big change, we were still pretty pumped about it and the possibilities it could bring to us and our clients...

Awning 2.0

Jun 16 2011
By now another "2.0" post will likely be resulting in a few snarky yammer posts here at the office. Anywho... today our new awning was finally put up. And look at that awesome shade now in the front of our space!

Happy Holidays from RD2!

Dec 22 2009

We hope all of your holiday wishes come true. Here’s what we’re wishing Santa would put in our stockings:


I want a 2010 Camaro SS. Yellow with a black stripe. And I want to name it Bumblebee. If it turns into a bad ass fighting robot that would be extra nice of Santa.


Candice is still narrowing her gigantic list down to one item. Stay tuned!


This year for Christmas, I’d really like a Dell Mini Netbook. I would love a smaller laptop to take with me while I’m traveling...


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Follow RD2inc on Twitter!

Nov 21 2008

Some good news to start out your weekend. You can now follow the antics and general goings on at RD2 Inc. by following us on !

You can tell who on the team is posting because (for the most part) we’ll put our initials at the end of the tweet...


Sep 26 2006

After a refreshing trip to the coast, where I had the opportunity to see friends and business partners, I came back to not only great Texas weather, but also was very surprised to see the construction progress on our new space. It has taken an eternity to get to this point, but we are finally just a couple of short weeks away from the move. More pictures on the progress will be coming...

We Have LIFTOFF! – RD2 v3!!

Sep 19 2006

The toughest thing we can ever do is to create and launch our own web site. Today we launched a major release. This is our coming out party.

We had our design for a few months before we were able to really focus on making it come to life. When we decided to step on the gas, the team was on board a thousand percent. What you see on our new web site has been a design that has been months in the making and then very fast on the coding. We had a few late nights, including one night last week where we all decided to punch out at about 4:00 am.

This was a united effort. Every single person at RD2 had a role...