Happy Holidays from RD2!

Dec 22 2009

Happy Holidays from RD2

We hope all of your holiday wishes come true. Here’s what we’re wishing Santa would put in our stockings:


I want a 2010 Camaro SS. Yellow with a black stripe. And I want to name it Bumblebee. If it turns into a bad ass fighting robot that would be extra nice of Santa.


Candice is still narrowing her gigantic list down to one item. Stay tuned!


This year for Christmas, I’d really like a Dell Mini Netbook. I would love a smaller laptop to take with me while I’m traveling. After my MacBook screen broke on a trip this past summer, I’m a little paranoid.


IWF Certified Werksan Competition Barbell and Kilogram Weight Set. I am an elitist and want to train with only the best equipment. I could be stranded on an island with just this and be happy doing olympic lifts every day.


I need a new phone. Of course, I want an .


I want an Aston Martin One-77. There will only be 177 of these babies made (hence the name) and I can’t think of a more responsible and sensible way of spending $2 million.


I want a . Still have a large 53″ rear projection TV that was state-of-the-art in 1999 but the thing won’t die! Hard to justify buying it for myself so as a gift would be perfect.


I want a . It streams Netflix and Pandora as well as playing Blu-ray discs for under $200. I also want a because I only have two hands, and at least one should be holding a Dr. Pepper.


I’d like one of many furniture items that are permanently on my wish list. This chair was originally produced in the early 60s but was not very popular and was soon discontinued. It reemerged in the late 90s with much more success.


I want for the Wii. I’ve always enjoyed Guitar Hero, but the music of DJ Hero appeals to me more. After seeing the documentary “Scratch”, I totally wanted to be a turntablist. Once Santa brings me this game, I’ll totally be MC Leia.


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  1. You all are some greedy people…and that includes me!

    By Rey on December 23rd, 2009 at 1:42 pm

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