Write Code?

Oct 22 2013

RD2 is actively seeking a Web Application Developer to add to our team in Dallas, Texas.

At RD2, we are focused on designing and building beautiful applications to connect brands with consumers. We have a place for someone who can work with our fantastic team and inspire us with their talents.

Ideally, you:

Are proficient in coding website front ends which render precisely to design standards Are proficient in developing front ends that are flexible and responsive Write code that’s clean, commented, and reusable Love to solve problems and rise to the challenge

Bonus points if you:

Like to play with APIs Thrive on standards, usability and accessibility

Adding to the RD2 team is no small task...


A Few Kind Words – From Dumbo Feather

Aug 7 2013

Still on cloud nine after the launch of the . Love the stories and the way this whole thing just came together. A couple of days ago I received this nice video with words from Danny and Brendan. Thank you so much guys! And thanks Andy Lark for making this introduction. It’s like we were supposed to work together...


Team New Zealand is Amazing!

Aug 7 2013

Have you ever met a sailor? Not just a sailor, but a died-in-the-wool Kiwi sailor? These are not average human beings. They possess an uncanny propensity for personal fitness, skill, and endurance. Then, as Kiwi’s usually do, they have an abnormal take on what adventure really is.

A couple of years ago I met the greatest sailing team on earth (Team New Zealand). Had the chance to work with them at their headquarters in Auckland and witnessed first hand their passion for dominating the seas.

So we designed and built a blog to help spread as much awareness about Team New Zealand as we could to every corner of the world...

Dumbo Feather Launch!

Aug 5 2013

There’s this place in Melbourne called the White House. It’s the home of Small Giants. A special company with a passion for making a difference. But that’s not something you can get from this simple post. Lot’s of people say they want to make a difference. But I’ve had the privilege of meeting and working very closely with Danny, Berry, Brendan, David, and the team at Small Giants. These folks are a class act. And they are indeed making a GIANT difference.

On the property you can smell the energy...



“With a Little Help From Our Friends”

Mar 2 2013

You know how the song goes, “We get by – with a little help – from our friends”

Every year the school our son attends, puts on an auction fundraiser. It’s a big deal for the kids because the money we raise provides needed improvement for the school.

This year, Melissa worked with the children of the fifth grade class along with Kathy Van Blargen who is also the room parent. The  goal was to create an artistic piece that would consist of small works from each student in the class. The piece needed to bring a voice  from every child that could fit together as one whole piece...


Safe Journeys, BlogBoy

Mar 1 2013

Brian Lusk was a pioneer. He was at the epicenter of BlogSouthwest. In the beginning there was no strategic blueprint yet to follow. It was all about the bravery of a brand, Southwest Airlines, revealing its soul for the world to see.

With Brian in the middle of it, the strategy just worked out. And the rest made history.

Never before did I think we’d be writing about a guy like Brian this way...

PowerbyProxi: The Power to Unplug – On Engadget

Feb 25 2013

For those of us who are techies, this is a big deal. Engadget is the authority of new technology for so many of us. They stay on top of the latest trends. Some of the most important technologies of our age are featured here. It goes without saying, the team at PowerbyProxi are very special to us. To see them featured in Engadget puts a big smile on our faces. The guys at PowerbyProxi are brilliant. They are bravely developing real and sustainable technology in the wireless power space that will make a difference...


Scoble Interviews Andreessen

Feb 21 2013

“All Markets Will Liquify”

Wow. If you are in tech, this is a must watch interview. No matter how busy you are, it’s a fascinating 40 minutes. Kudos to Robert Scoble for landing an interview with Marc Andreessen. We need stuff like this. A level set to remind us that we’re still just seeing the tip of the iceberg.

I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen a video of Marc Andreessen before. But he’s a name many of us have etched into our digital history.

Think back to the first time you ever surfed the web. For me, I skipped the AOL thing. The first time I ever opened a web browser to surf the web was pivotal...