Traffic Metrics Require Context

Oct 2 2012

Last Friday, Chris posed a question to the team regarding the traffic numbers that various analytics tools provide: why do we trust the numbers so much, regardless of their source? This got me thinking… why do we put so much faith into the numbers we’re looking at? Are we applying the correct context to these metrics?

I did some further research into two different tools we leverage at RD2, Inc...

Google+: Start your conversation (Opinion)

Aug 8 2012

Google+ is a digital lifestyle management tool, not a social network. Its use cases are fundamentally different from the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

I find myself having a specific conversation with my friends and family with increasing frequency: social media. It came up again two weekends ago when I was watching a time-shifted broadcast of some Olympic events (men’s gymnastics, women’s powerlifting, and men/women’s swimming), in part due to the amount of chatter on about various athletes and events...

Drive to Discover: Responsive Design Meets Innovation

Jul 19 2012
Drive to Discover: Responsive Design Meets Innovation

In May 2012, RD2 and Ford Motor Company of Canada launched the Ford Canada Blog, a new high-profile social property from Ford Canada. Determined to continue the innovation with Ford’s social properties, RD2 has been working quickly to get something else pretty awesome out of the labs and into production: the Drive to Discover tour microsite.

What’s unique about this new microsite is not simply that it’s another new property, but more so what we did underneath the hood to enhance the base set functionality WordPress brings to the table. Example: WordPress doesn’t allow for easy cross-posting from one WordPress website to another...

Asian Film Festival of Dallas, 11th Annual Website

Jul 3 2012
Asian Film Festival of Dallas, 11th Annual Website

For the third year in a row, RD2 has been given the chance to create the Asian Film Festival of Dallas’ annual website! The Asian Film Festival of Dallas website provides information to festival goers on-site and around the world. From film trailers to tickets, the Asian Film Festival of Dallas website gets you taken care of. This year, RD2 has implemented a mobile view to give an optimized experience for users on-the-go...

Tweetbot: App of the Week

Mar 23 2012
Tweetbot: App of the Week

One of the key rented properties for any social media strategy is Twitter. A thing I find really neat about Twitter, some may disagree, is that each post is limited to 140 characters. No more, less is acceptable. One might assume that there wouldn’t be too much effort devoted to the interface from which we tweet, seeing as there’s only at most 140 characters going out. It’s an interesting thing though…There is so much focus placed on the way we interact with the service that it seems the applications and their interfaces are equally as important as Twitter itself when the experience is viewed as a whole. It can make it or break it. Tweetbot does the former, in spades.

When it comes to Twitter apps for iOS, there are many...

RD2 Tech: iPad Launch

Mar 16 2012
RD2 Tech: iPad Launch

Most people have little things they enjoy or use that makes their lives easier. Here at RD2, we’re no different.

Rumors of a new iPad coming out have been swirling for several months, just like any anticipated/wanted/desired Apple product. Retina display, 4G data capabilities, haptic feedback, built-in bread oven… Okay, so maybe that last one was a little far fetched. Even though many of the rumors said this version of iPad wasn’t going to be a big change, we were still pretty pumped about it and the possibilities it could bring to us and our clients...