Tweetbot: App of the Week

Mar 23 2012
Tweetbot for iPad

One of the key rented properties for any social media strategy is Twitter. A thing I find really neat about Twitter, some may disagree, is that each post is limited to 140 characters. No more, less is acceptable. One might assume that there wouldn’t be too much effort devoted to the interface from which we tweet, seeing as there’s only at most 140 characters going out. It’s an interesting thing though…There is so much focus placed on the way we interact with the service that it seems the applications and their interfaces are equally as important as Twitter itself when the experience is viewed as a whole. It can make it or break it. Tweetbot does the former, in spades.

When it comes to Twitter apps for iOS, there are many...

iPad: A More Social Form Factor

Feb 16 2010

Wow, with all the hype I don’t recall ever tweeting or blogging to date about the infamous iPad. True that I’ve got a collection of apple computers and gadgetry here, I’m just having a hard time getting all that excited about the iPad. I’ll not go into why because if you’re keeping up with it there are lots better to leave their opinions than I. Instead, I just wanted to mention one cool thing about the iPad and other form factors like it.

To illustrate my point we need to imagine we’re in a meeting. Maybe in a conference room sitting around a table. There’s an agenda. People are taking copious notes. Someone is facilitating and participants are interacting with comments and feedback. This sort of thing happens millions of times a day...

To Do’s: Dirt Simple

Mar 11 2009

At least for the time being, we’re using Google Apps. It’s easy, cheap, and so far has been reliable (we’ve not been affected by some of the outage reports lately). Having every to do list manager known to man, I’ve settled into the Google To Do list app, otherwise known as “Tasks.” It’s just a list. You can add stuff with simple keystrokes and hot keys directly from email. You can re-order items. You can assign dates to tasks if you like. Where other GTD managers have been cumbersome (at least for me) is how “organized” they are. This little Task app is stupid-simple...

Andy Lark on Productivity

Feb 6 2009

We talk a lot about productivity at RD2. It’s extremely important for us to be able to be focused and efficient in our day to day. In reading my RSS feeds this morning I stumbled across this post from Dell’s VP of Global Marketing, Communities & Conversations and friend of RD2, Andy Lark.

Below are Andy’s “12 Key Habits to Start With” on your way to a productive day:

1. Set your 3 MITs (Most Important Tasks) each morning...

“Pseudo- A.D.D.”

Aug 12 2008

I’ve been researching information on email productivity for the past couple of days. Lately, I’ve found myself repeatedly checking my email while busy working on a document, or waking up in the middle of the night checking my Blackberry. In fact, I’ve developed a bad habit of checking my email on my Blackberry when I’m half asleep in the middle of the night. The next morning I have a hard time remembering if the events actually happened, or having completely forgotten about the email.

John Ratey, an associate professor specializing in attention programs at Harvard Medical School, coined the term “Pseudo-A.D.D”...

Productivity Suite – content is king!

Jul 17 2008

Eric’s last post was about the rules of the competitive aspects of Productivity Suite, but I wanted to highlight some of the great conversations that are going on in the blog portion of the site. There’s been a lot of great content Productivity Suite this week...

links for 2008-07-15

Jul 14 2008
360-degree feedback – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 360 peer review feedback. Here’s a reference on Wikipedia. Wrote one of these a long time ago as a custom application. Tony mentioned to me the parallels between this concept and what we are doing on the Productivity Suite

Productivity Suite: Rules for Thought

Jul 14 2008

The Productivity Suite is an application that was developed within our labs here at RD2. Productivity as it applies in our lives and in our work life has become more and more important, and the Productivity Suite is our attempt at finding a better way for people to become productive in their lives. The application centers around user-submitted blog posts, and also adds a collaborative element where users can submit kudos or offenses of their fellow teammates to encourage productive behavior...