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Mar 23 2012
Tweetbot for iPad

One of the key rented properties for any social media strategy is Twitter. A thing I find really neat about Twitter, some may disagree, is that each post is limited to 140 characters. No more, less is acceptable. One might assume that there wouldn’t be too much effort devoted to the interface from which we tweet, seeing as there’s only at most 140 characters going out. It’s an interesting thing though…There is so much focus placed on the way we interact with the service that it seems the applications and their interfaces are equally as important as Twitter itself when the experience is viewed as a whole. It can make it or break it. Tweetbot does the former, in spades.

When it comes to Twitter apps for iOS, there are many. Like easily into the thousands for iPhone alone. Each one goes about it a different way. Personally, I’m immediately turned away from a kludgy user interface. I’ve tried and discarded many apps for this very reason. The most basic piece that’s missed in most of these ,in my opinion, is flow. Some apps have an unnatural/illogical flow and I’m left sitting (or standing in the case of Twitter apps) there with “What?!” written all over my face.

Last April, a new Twitter app from a company called Tapbots entered the playing field… Tweetbot. Tapbots has a general theme across their apps: they’re treated like robots, each with a purpose. Tweetbot falls in line accordingly. What separates Tweetbot from the competition is what I call “robust simplicity.” The app itself is very full featured, but doesn’t make the user jump through hoops or dive through several screens to accomplish the most basic of Twitter. Image viewing, retweeting, starring, following, DMing, and searching… It’s all intuitive and can be done from the main timeline view. If I want to view my tweets that have been retweeted, something that isn’t exactly the easiest task in some apps, can be done just by entering the RT view by tapping on an icon in the customizable tab bar. Oh, and the push notification alert tone is nice too. Clean, subtle.

With Tweetbot, everything is one touch away. Okay, maybe changing some settings are 2… Less extra tapping means less frustration. Support for multiple accounts, push notifications, an amazing interface and amazing power in such a clean, responsive form makes it a no-brainer. Follow @tapbots .

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