Tweetbot: App of the Week

Mar 23 2012
Tweetbot for iPad

One of the key rented properties for any social media strategy is Twitter. A thing I find really neat about Twitter, some may disagree, is that each post is limited to 140 characters. No more, less is acceptable. One might assume that there wouldn’t be too much effort devoted to the interface from which we tweet, seeing as there’s only at most 140 characters going out. It’s an interesting thing though…There is so much focus placed on the way we interact with the service that it seems the applications and their interfaces are equally as important as Twitter itself when the experience is viewed as a whole. It can make it or break it. Tweetbot does the former, in spades.

When it comes to Twitter apps for iOS, there are many...

HBR Features The MIX

Jun 2 2011

Was pleasantly surprised yesterday to be looking at both The MIX and HBR and noticed this feature on HBR of the These guys at The MIX continue to do some really great things. Thanks Michele for pointing this out!


Turchin Capital Advisors – Re Branding

Jul 29 2010

Gil Turchin has been a friend for more than 20 years. I first met Gil when we were in the same cycling club, The Bike Smith. This club was out of Lewisville, Texas. Gil and I used to go on 60 mile rides through the North Texas roads between Lewisville and Denton. Gil was a pain in the neck for me to ride with though. You see, for a club rider, Gil was a really good climber. He played coy but I know he knew it. So, when we would go ride on my “recovery” days Gill made it a point to push the pace on all the hills. It sucked for me because I never really got to recover on those crucial days...

Upgrade Your Google Maps Listing

Aug 22 2008

Did you know? It’s easy and free to customize your company’s Google maps listing (the listing that occurs when someone searches for the address of your business in Google maps). You can even incorporate photos and videos to tell potential customers more about you.

Step 1: Log in

To create a customized listing in Google Maps: - Navigate to - Log into your google account - Click “Add New Listing”

Step 2: Create Listing

From here you will have the option to specify Company/Organization name, Street Address/City/State/ZIP, Phone, and Email address. As you type, the preview window will show what the listing will look like...

Screenshots are fun again!

Jan 15 2008

I have yet to make it through a week without hearing a, “Hey! Check this out!” from Ronan. He’s always experimenting with new web-based applications and tools so normally I (politely and tactfully) pretend I didn’t hear him.

Last week, however, he had included some very nicely annotated screenshots in an email and I asked what kind of screen capture tool he had used. Turns out there’s a hot little beta called Skitch, currently invite-only, from the crew at plasq.

This app allows you to quickly and easily grab screenshots, camera shots, or import existing images/PDFs and annotate them quickly and easily with a small but well-chosen toolset – I love the arrows...

Dazed and Confused?

Mar 13 2007

You gotta pick your web platform wisely. Even though we live and breathe it every day, I am blown away at how complex the environment has become. The lines are blurred between content management, blog, wiki, personalization and more. Then you throw into the mix RSS, folksonomies, taxonomies, schmaxonomies, workflow, scalability, integration, API extensibility and so much more.

If I were you, would I even know how to ask the right question on where to start? Believe me, it’s tough enough to keep it all straight for anyone...

pbwiki For Lunch

Feb 22 2007

pbwiki says that “making a free wiki is as easy as making a peanut butter sandwich.” Their recent step in updating their web editor is a step in the right direction for the wiki community. It’s still a nerdy little application but it demonstrates a few people thinking about the right things. pbwiki is worth a try for those just getting acquainted with the power of the wiki and is much easier to start than most. pbwiki is a hosted application but seems to have some horsepower...

Idea-Sandbox On: Elevator Pitch

Feb 4 2007

We’ve been talking a lot about this lately. Here’s a great article on the subject...