– A Social Media Home Base for MotoGP Celebrity

Apr 3 2012

Yesterday we launched a very strategic part of the puzzle for Ben Spies. As we recently blogged about the importance of web properties you own vs properties you rent, we launched the official website for Ben to kick off his 2012 season. I’ll let the team expand on this story in future posts. In short, we love working with Ben and Mary Spies. They get it.

The sport of MotoGP is one they are taking head on, living in various countries through the season. Now it’s time for Ben to think of the Ben Brand. He’s an international celebrity...

Some You Own, Some You Rent

Mar 22 2012

Let’s say you are responsible for running communications for a small, medium, or large company. And, you’re in the situation where you are pondering how to get started in this social media thing. How to become part of the conversation and to channel conversations within and around your brand in a new space. You know you need to be there, and you know it’s something that’s right for your brand. Maybe you already have the support from your peers and the executive team...

Introducing: Wonder Bikes

Nov 8 2010

Website Launch: Wonder Bikes

Personally, I’m a sucker for anything that has to do with bikes. I’m the 39 year old kid that feels cranky if I’ve not been able to ride a bicycle or motorcycle every single day. For example, today I rode my titanium Airborne bicycle at 5:30 am just to get my fix.

There are lots of blogs I follow to keep me up on what’s happening in the motorcycle industry...

David Loves Texadelphia

Aug 19 2010

We’ve worked with David for a couple of years now but have never met him in person until this week. He lives in Monroe, Georgia. In planning his trip to come see us, to get some work done, he kept saying he wanted to have a “Texadelphia experience.” He’d been looking at their website right around lunch time most days and he said it always made him more hungry.

So, when he arrived we loaded up a couple of cars and took him to have his first Texadelphia Experience at the Greenville Avenue, Old Town location...

Gil Turchin: “It Was Easy Working With RD2″

Aug 2 2010

Recently we posted about the launch of the new Turchin Capital Advisors brand and website. Late last week, Gil Turchin stopped by to pay us a visit. We were reflecting on the project and the final creative assets for his new brand and I was surprised he did not mind when I used my iPhone4 to capture a few of his comments...

Turchin Capital Advisors – Re Branding

Jul 29 2010

Gil Turchin has been a friend for more than 20 years. I first met Gil when we were in the same cycling club, The Bike Smith. This club was out of Lewisville, Texas. Gil and I used to go on 60 mile rides through the North Texas roads between Lewisville and Denton. Gil was a pain in the neck for me to ride with though. You see, for a club rider, Gil was a really good climber. He played coy but I know he knew it. So, when we would go ride on my “recovery” days Gill made it a point to push the pace on all the hills. It sucked for me because I never really got to recover on those crucial days...

Target: RIAA’s Best Friend

Jul 17 2008

Target’s marketing group has become nearly famous for running a unique commercial every month featuring a song from a usually obscure artist. It’s amazing how each commercial will actually fuel the sales of that particular song for a few months afterwards. If you watch on iTunes, you’ll see said song jump to that artist’s “top songs” list in very short time.

This month’s commercial features Dolly Parton’s “More Where That Came From,” which I just love. (Sue me.)

While most of the commercials are nothing more than an exercise in gluttonous exposure with overly ambiguous messaging, I just love this particular one because the song is just perfect for the message of the commercial...



“Reel 2, Dialog Track 2″

May 21 2008