Youtube Browser-Based Uploader with PHP

Aug 21 2012

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RD2 wanted to add something special with our 3rd iteration of building the World Traveler Internship website. We created a very unique feature within the application process...

RD2 “Monster Mash”

Oct 27 2010
Just having a little fun in the RD2 laboratory! Enjoy and Happy Halloween! [youtube width="670" height="355"][/youtube]

David Loves Texadelphia

Aug 19 2010

We’ve worked with David for a couple of years now but have never met him in person until this week. He lives in Monroe, Georgia. In planning his trip to come see us, to get some work done, he kept saying he wanted to have a “Texadelphia experience.” He’d been looking at their website right around lunch time most days and he said it always made him more hungry.

So, when he arrived we loaded up a couple of cars and took him to have his first Texadelphia Experience at the Greenville Avenue, Old Town location...

RD2 Arm Wrestling SmackDown

Aug 3 2010
This past week we were discussing some content that will soon be posted to our portfolio. Sometimes the team and I have differing opinions. Leia's opinion differed from mine so, on Yammer, I challenged her to an arm wrestling match. Winner takes all. It was EPIC!


Winter Wonderland at Hickory Street Annex

Feb 12 2010

They say no two snow flakes are ever the same. This storm has been magical.

It’s the blizzard of 2010 here in Dallas, Texas. Personally, I grew up with lots of snow (Buffalo, New York – New Jersey – Michigan), but it’s not been like this since 1917 according to local historians. Here are a few brief clips taken around RD2 during this snow event.

(the music preview is from one of my favorite compilation albums – You can buy it – A Mission Into Drums...


Video for Creative Inspiration

Jul 5 2009 This amazing video is titled "MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU" and was listed along with several other amazing creative Vimeo samples in this Mashable Post. Saw this referenced tonight by tonight. Watched the first few. Really, really amazing work here.

Cruising BlogWorld with Southwest Airlines

Nov 11 2007

Southwest Airlines had a booth at the BlogWorld Expo in Vegas, and I was lucky enough to hang out with them for the show. There was a lot to learn and a myriad of vendors showing off their technologies and services.

For the show, I had my MacBook Pro with iMovie and Final Cut Studio. Pairing my computer with a handy little Sanyo cam, and we were able to fire off a few clips (also seen on For these videos, Christi and I put together some “on-the-fly, up close and personal” videos...