YouTube Browser-Based Uploader with PHP

Aug 21 2012

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RD2 wanted to add something special with our 3rd iteration of building the World Traveler Internship website. We created a very unique feature within the application process...

Responsive: Fluid Width YouTube Videos

Jun 28 2012

Building a responsive website requires many variables. You have to think about every element in the DOM and how it will react when the browser is resized. Here at RD2, we recently converted our site to be responsive. I have to say, it’s pretty awesome. But when I threw a YouTube video in one of our blog posts, it wasn’t responsive to the browser window or any smaller device.


Using WordPress’s auto embed feature, how can I modify the video’s width and height when I resize the browser using YouTube’s iframe code?


My original attempt at accomplishing this with CSS alone was not successful...

STA Travel YouTube Channel

Feb 2 2010

As you know, we recently launched the new STA Travel World Traveler Internship website. In addition to the new website, the team at STA Travel and the World Traveler Interns post media on their own social media channels, including , , , and YouTube...

Plain English

Nov 7 2008

We often work on projects where the challenge is to explain something complicated in a way that seems simple. A really great example of this are the “In Plain English” videos by CommonCraft.

For instance, “Social Media in Plain English” explains how social media works using the town of Scoopville (who all create their own ice cream flavors and then use social tools to sort through and improve on the flavors). My personal favorite from CommonCraft is “Twitter in Plain English.” I’ve embedded the video below...

Masters of Creativity

Jun 16 2008
When it comes to being creative, the Japanese are difficult to beat. In the following game show, contestants view a video of a guy trying to learn English. If they laugh, they get punished. Awesome idea? Yeah, totally.

links for 2008-04-14

Apr 13 2008
YouTube - Wikis in Plain English wiki's in plain English -- YouTube video explains wikis

Where Were You When Apple Released the iPhone?

Jul 2 2007