Ford Canada Blog Phase 2: Going Further

Oct 29 2012
Ford Canada Blog Phase 2: Going Further

Looking to create a central hub for the entire country, Ford Canada engaged RD2 and Sonic Boom to help craft a unique and beautiful vehicle for delivering content and spreading conversation around the Brand to the audience...

Grounded for Enhancements

Aug 24 2012

When you’re Southwest Airlines and you’re running one of the most recognized and awarded corporate blogs, you take your website performance and updates seriously. As the main portal for news and culture, Southwest wanted to make sure their users were getting the best experience from their website...

Youtube Browser-Based Uploader with PHP

Aug 21 2012

Download Example

RD2 wanted to add something special with our 3rd iteration of building the World Traveler Internship website. We created a very unique feature within the application process...

PHP Weather widget using Google’s weather API

May 17 2012
PHP Weather widget using Google’s weather API
UPDATE 08/28/2012

Google has abandoned their weather API and are now using Weather API. I will be creating a new tutorial showing the API in action very soon. Check back to the RD2 blog for updates. Please disregard the below code.

With the recent launch of the Elbowz Racing team website, we decided to add something a little bit fun, but still applicable, into the project: a self-maintaining weather widget using Google’s weather API and PHP...

Detecting the Kindle Fire with PHP

Mar 8 2012
Detecting the Kindle Fire with PHP

There are many reasons to detect the type of platform your user is viewing your website on. There are articles all over the internet about detecting iphones, ipads, android devices, etc. But when it comes to detecting the Kindle Fire, things can get a bit strange. To get the user’s platform, you will want to use the PHP method, $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] (see below).

This will return: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10_6_3; en-us; Silk/1.1.0-80) AppleWebKit/533.16 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0 Safari/533.16 Silk-Accelerated=true

As you can see, there are mentions of Mozilla, Apple, WebKit, Safari, etc...

Introducing Multi-Site Management

Jul 2 2008

RD2 worked with StoneGate Senior Care on a content management solution requiring many websites to be deployed within one master website. The challenge, all of them need to have autonomy while using the same system for publishing and maintaining content.

We’ve done this sort of thing before, but for very large companies, developing within enterprise-class software rather than leveraging the power of open source. StoneGate wanted to be able to scale beyond 50 websites with one content publishing system. Drupal is a perfect fit, except for one important thing. There was no available mechanism for deploying multiple sites within one system that is managed and maintained from one central source...

DemoCamp Comes to Dallas

Feb 8 2007

I’ve written before about the DFW Tech Community. Since then the monthly groups have continued meeting monthly, there have been two more BarCamps, and another MashPit.

Christopher St. John is at it again, putting Dallas on the tech hotspot map by bringing another un-conference concept to Dallas, the DemoCamp. The concept is simple: 5 people with 15 minutes each to demo working software only... Launched!

Dec 23 2006

When I first typed in my search to learn about Drupal, I spelled it “Droople.” Luckily “Droople Blog” on google returned the proper spelling. It took a few requests from Charlotte to get me there, but after realizing that I might be coming across like we were a WordPress only shop, I wanted to prove the strength of our team and prove our knowledge in many applications...