RD2′s Favorite Memories of 2009

Dec 31 2009

I asked around the office for the team’s favorite memories of the past year...

WordPress Plugin: Manage Tags Capability

Dec 16 2009

We’ve been writing more and more custom plugins lately as we develop sites based on WordPress as a platform. When possible, we are giving those back to the WordPress development community.

Our first released plugin is Manage Tags Capability. This plugin is perfect for blogs with multiple contributing users that need to limit lower-level writers, like authors or contributors, to tags set by administrators or editors.

Why do you need Manage Tags Capability?

By default, WordPress allows any user to add any tag they want to their posts. This could lead to your site having a large database of tags with only one or two posts associated with them...

WOW! Launches Online Community

Dec 9 2009

There’s this really cool cable company who services the Mid West and are headquartered in Denver, Colorado. We’ve had the opportunity to launch a completely new Social Media program for them this past week. It’s been a very rewarding journey.

Meeting WOW! is going on my checklist for a blog post I’m formulating about the things to be thankful for in 2009. We’re lucky that we seem to have been able to work with people who are hyper intelligent and just make amazing partners.

WOW! has recently been awarded their tenth JD Power and Associates Award for Customer Service. Their most recent three awards from JD Power came all at one time for Residential Television, Residential Internet, and Residential Phone Service...



Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 25 2009

What? Were you expecting a cornucopia of Turkey and all the dressings for our Thanksgiving post card? We could have gone that route and it would have looked cool, but would it have made you stop and think? Probably not. So, we decided to take a different path. In case you are still wondering, this is the chemical compound for tryptophan, the ‘special ingredient’ believed to make us all drowsy after gorging on Turkey...


Thank You: Veterans Day 2009

Nov 11 2009

Today is Veterans Day. It’s perhaps one of the most important days of the year. It’s a day to remember and pay our respect to those who have made every other day of the year a day we can grow and enjoy.Who are our veterans? They are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, cousins, nieces, nephews, friends. You’re family. We cannot thank you enough. We love you. We miss you. We honor you. We’re proud of you — past and present. For those of you out there serving right now, no words can express our gratitude for your service...

EfficientEnterprise.com Launches!

Nov 9 2009

We have officially launched Dell’s new Efficient Enterprise website this morning!

This signifies a huge success for RD2 as well as what will be a global success for Dell. Given the current economic landscape every business, large and small, has been re-assessing and adapting to survive. Being able to adapt is one thing, but becoming innovative will be the true test of a business’ ability to thrive in the future. One of the main driver’s of innovation today is through being efficient in how every penny is spent...


Sweet Tweets: Week of 10/25 – 10/31/2009

Nov 2 2009

What’s a “Sweet Tweet?” A quick Bing search yields lots of delectable goodness from distant places. I’m sure I’ve seen this used before for the intention I’m using it here….to categorize tweets that I think are in some way interesting to us or our business. Or, at least, tweets that I’ve taken the time to read thoroughly what they referred to and found them useful.

OK, OK, I’ll admit. The other day I was twittering while watching “Dude Where’s My Car” (yeah I was very sick that day). I started wondering how I could organize the tweets that come in that are in some way relevant to our business...

incase Courier Bags

Oct 29 2009

It’s been a while since I’ve bought any new bags. This topic is something I’ve blogged about before but am thinking about again. Even though traveling has been light lately, I’m thinking ahead about how to go while looking super cool (yes I’m bringing fanny pack) and while taking all my necessary travel things in appropriate style. I’ve got a pretty good collection going so it takes something really cool to catch my eye. Lately I’ve been impressed with the new incase bags...