Tips & Tricks: Creating better textures using CSS3 gradients

Jan 30 2013
Graphic Information is Everywhere

There are two fundamental elements that make up our world and how we understand the information in it: Texture and Color Gradients. These two elements play a vital role in telling us all sorts of information like whether an orange is ripe or whether a button on a website is clickable. In the world of the Web, texture is commonly known as “noise”. Despite it’s prevalent use around the Web, producing noise has always been cumbersome, clunky, graphic intensive.

Creating Noise

Noise is often used to help users distinguish important information from less important information. It is also used to give a website a unique feel or effect...

Responsive Website VS Mobile Application

Jan 22 2013

As more and more consumers make smartphone purchases, the arguments around the “New Web” escalate. The most heated being the debate about mobile apps VS responsive design. Which is best?

Native mobile app pundits all heard Mark Zuckerberg loud and clear when he made his famous statement about going to a native mobile app vs HTML5...

Giving Bugzilla a monster makeover.

Jan 3 2013

We use Bugzilla a lot here at RD2. It is a great tool for tracking website and app issues, assigning tasks, and all round helping us get projects from Development to Launch. Unfortunately, especially for those of us that are more design oriented, it’s lack of aesthetics is almost unbearable...

Flipboard and I’m Just Not That Interesting

Jul 28 2010

Every time I hit the enter key when submitting a tweet, a blog post, a Gowalla update, or a facebook post, I’m taking into consideration the fact that what I’m about to publish is exactly what someone is looking for. It’s something that is going to do the world some good. To feed someone who is hungry. To help a colleague solve a problem. To give an important tip to a client.

Scratch that. I’m lying. Or I’m just absolutely kidding myself. In fact, if I had a nickel for every time I communicated the need for content awesomeness to a client, or someone communicated that to me, I’d be a rich man...

IM Client For iPhone? BeeJive …

Aug 5 2009
IM Client For iPhone? BeeJive is best so far. Tested against IM+ and it seems to be the most reliable and most true "push" app for IM


Cool Twitter tool:

Feb 5 2009

BJ recommended to me a few days ago and I have to say I love it.

What is is a URL shortening service (like tinyurl or snipurl) that turns long URLs into short ones, perfect for pasting into Twitter, Facebook statuses, or other places where character count… counts.

What makes cool? is cool because you can create an account and it shows stats for all of your trimmed links...



My Social Media Move

Jan 17 2009

It has been an extremely busy time at RD2, and thus the blog has been a little quiet for the past few days. Part of that busy-ness for me has been moving. I have moved to Houston, am continuing to work for RD2 remotely, and will be in town frequently for client meetings and such.

I had lived in the same house for my entire life until I went to college. And I have moved every single year since then.

Social Media has been a part of my life for a long time, but I made this move using Social Media tools almost exclusively...

Google video chatting

Nov 13 2008

Below is a picture of Chris and me Google video chatting (introduced this week) from across the office yesterday. To set up your google account for video, visit

The image quality is a lot better than I expected (check out the full screen!), and it sounds good to boot...