Google video chatting

Nov 13 2008

Below is a picture of Chris and me Google video chatting (introduced this week) from across the office yesterday. To set up your google account for video, visit

The image quality is a lot better than I expected (check out the full screen!), and it sounds good to boot. A feature I would love to see is multi user chatting – with little boxes of all my closest friends filling my screen… and probably talking over each other to get a word in.


As we’ve mentioned before, we use Google Apps in the office for our e-mail, calendar, etc. The calendar is the best we’ve ever used; it is really easy to collaborate and check everyone’s schedules – even on a mobile browser… and the video chat makes it even better!



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  1. Even going “full screen” in the new google video chat proves amazing quality video.

    By Chris Ronan on November 15th, 2008 at 2:46 pm

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