– A Social Media Home Base for MotoGP Celebrity

Apr 3 2012

Yesterday we launched a very strategic part of the puzzle for Ben Spies. As we recently blogged about the importance of web properties you own vs properties you rent, we launched the official website for Ben to kick off his 2012 season. I’ll let the team expand on this story in future posts. In short, we love working with Ben and Mary Spies. They get it.

The sport of MotoGP is one they are taking head on, living in various countries through the season. Now it’s time for Ben to think of the Ben Brand. He’s an international celebrity. And if you met him in person, spent any time with him, or went on a bicycle ride with him, you would realize he is really just a human being. Of course we think he is special. But the fact that he is a human, doing inhuman things, is what makes him so interesting to follow.

This launch signifies the creation of a new, home base, core property for Ben Spies. It’s a major first step in creating a framework of communications around his brand. After all, the sport of MotoGP is the pinnacle of motorcycle racing. It’s the Formula One of two-wheeled competition. To that end, the communications around one of the top motorcycle racers in the world should be nothing less than the pinnacle of web communications. It should be a property that serves as the core conduit of his communications around his brand. It will serve as a feed to the other “rented” properties such as Facebook YouTube, Twitter, and more.

There will be much to come. Best wishes to Ben for 2012!

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