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Jul 2 2012

You don’t have to look very hard to see all the love that comes from Southwest Airlines. From free bag check-ins for their Customers, to their work in the community, to their great Employee recognition programs, they are a company that always focuses on recognizing it’s Employees and it’s Customers as the invaluable assets that makes them a success. What you often hear less about is the love that a lot of people have for Southwest…until now.

Southwest and RD2 came up with a solution to help highlight some of the amazing stories received by the Blog Southwest Team pertaining to the subject of outstanding experiences by Employees and Customers. For years there has been such amazing feedback about these special stories and the Team at Blog Southwest wanted to have a way to share the real and personal connections that were being made in how people are engaging with the Southwest Brand — Introducing, LUV Mail (what is LUV Mail?)

Our goal was to work with the Southwest Team to build momentum around the idea of designing a new “LUV Mail” section of Blog Southwest. In doing so, early this morning, a new content type is now available on Nuts About Southwest that shares these special stories. It’s all uniquely branded within the website to draw attention to these stories. It’s a fun and exciting way to bring more enthusiasm around the brand and to also encourage the the special attitude that creates these unique experiences.

Engineered to be a multiphase project, the end goal is set to be a place for the community to share their unique experiences and bond around the heartwarming stories they each contribute.

Be sure to let us know what you love about the project.

Blog Southwest LUV Mail : Blog Home Page

Blog Southwest LUV Mail : LUV Mail Home

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