Blogworld 2010 With Southwest Airlines

Oct 21 2010

This past week and weekend we were able to fly to Las Vegas to participate in Blogworld. Southwest Airlines had a booth and we worked the booth with them for a couple of days. Overall this was a great event. We had the opportunity to spend some quality time with not only the BlogSouthwest team but some other really cool vendors at the show. During the show, Brian Lusk (aka ) interviewed me. The interview was fun for me as it seems that Brian and I had some good chemistry. We’ve been through a lot together. During the interview we talked about the evolution of and how this blog has become the best corporate blog for three years running + recently being inducted into the blog hall of fame. Whoa!! — Additionally, at the show (and over live TVcast) we unveiled the new that will be rolled out later this year. It was really a great event and we were exhausted by the time the show was over. Here’s a clip from the interview and later we may post the clip from the new blog roll-out.

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