Pure Black Bike Lust

Oct 21 2010

By day I’m at RD2 and by mornings I’m riding (hopefully not tumbling). Lately we have had some cycling stuff mixed in at RD2. For me this is always a pleasant distraction. We’re helping a couple of teams, one domestic and one in New Zealand, with some marketing and design. Today I’ve been particularly glued to a press event by the Pure Black Racing Team in New Zealand.

A friend and client, Greg Cross, is helping to pull together this really cool team. I’ve made a couple of twitter posts today to their press releases. So, today, sometime during their event, Greg sent me these official photos of the Pure Black Racing Bikes by Avanti.

Take a close look at the details. These bikes are perfectly styled with the Pure Black branding elements of their kits and other materials. When I received the pictures I was just stunned. I want one!


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