The HDK1

Dec 1 2008

Some of us have a weakness for bikes of all shapes and sizes. Personally, I’ve a sick passion for steel road bikes, rigid-single-speed mountain bikes and Italian sport bikes. Lately, I’ve also been keeping tabs on my buddy Richard Krall, who has been building his HDK1.

The other day Richard sent me some more pictures of his new bike. He said he would not mind if I shared them on our blog. The work he has done on this rig is really, really nice...


Richard Krall’s Latest Creation

Nov 15 2008

So, There’s the guy who lives in a studio in the fair park area, who had this idea, who made this bike. Richard Krall is one of those painfully talented artists who has a knack for looking at something ordinary and doing amazing work with it.

I’ve probably known Richard for 18 years, and during that time he’s always been a great photographer, a furniture builder, a carpenter, metal smith, and now — a custom bike builder. Recently, Richard and I connected to do some rides and he showed me his concept for this bike...