Dell Launches Social Hub

Mar 5 2012

While corporations face a host of Social Media issues (the new Facebook Timeline aside), fragmentation is quickly becoming one of the most paramount and difficult to wrangle. With so many social networks and so many individual company segments that need representation in each network, corporations can easily become lost among a sea of social media islands. Customers can then become isolated, turning into conversation castaways...

Gobble Up the Goodness

Nov 23 2011
Gobble Up the Goodness

Another Turkey Day. Another chance to give thanks to all our great clients, great luck, great experiences, and great friends. Where would we be without them?

For us, Thanksgiving is so important not because of the turkey or potatoes or pies – it’s the chance to enjoy the Moment – a chance to forget the worries and woes for just a second or two, and breathe in all the goodness that we can so easily forget is all around us...

Android Ice Cream Sandwich UI Study: Don’t let your users melt away.

Nov 10 2011
Android Ice Cream Sandwich UI Study: Don’t let your users melt away.
The Set Up

Google’s new operating system, code named Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) promises to do many things in the realm of application development. Developers are rejoicing at the ability to develop one application that will work on both tablets and smart phones. Users can’t wait for the boost in phone performance and sleek new interface features. Electronics manufacturers and Cellular service providers are waiting with baited breath to finally be able to support an operating system that has a defined and scheduled release pattern...

Arigatou Gozaimasu!

Nov 3 2011
Arigatou Gozaimasu!

RD2 is no stranger to producing innovative tools that exceed the wildest client expectations. We are also no stranger to receiving overwhelming praise (and even the occasional squeal of glee) from our clients. Yet we were shocked, flattered, and even dumbstruck when we found out that the Asian Film Festival of Dallas had nominated us for the North Texas Business for Culture and the Arts (NTBCA) Obelisk Award, celebrating and honoring businesses and business leaders in North Texas whose support makes a significant impact on the region’s arts and cultural growth...



RD2 Announces #KnowFair Winners!

Oct 31 2011

It’s finally official. After countless petitions for recounts (Team Hen insisted that the ballot was confusing), we have a winner of the First Annual RD2 Know Fair! State Fair Competition: Team Hog! Believe it or not, the winner was decided by just one vote! While we all had fun, don’t fool yourself into thinking that plans for redemption haven’t already begun brewing (or frying?). Winners will receive the following prizes: The ability to gloat for one year, one trophy to share, and some “congratulatory” brew...

Candy and Cackles: SWA Launches Halloween Theme on

Oct 28 2011

We love to have fun. And we love that Southwest Airlines loves to have fun, too. Part of our latest blog design (v3) for Nuts About Southwest was adding the ability to create night and day themes for holidays and special occasions. Happily, SWA has really pushed us to make sure we capitalize on that, and as of today, you can now see our “spook-tacular” Halloween theme. If you can stay up past sunset (6:40pm) you can witness two great pieces of ingenuity at work. The first being the custom script that we created to calculate the exact moment that sundown occurs over Love Field (every day of the year, year round) and the second being the illuminating and bewitching night theme...

Today Is The Day! #RD2 #KnowFair

Oct 21 2011

Today is the First Annual RD2 Know Fair! Competition and we are chomping at the bit! Our official shirts arrived last night (Thanks to Patty for picking them up and for being so quick to print them!) and they look great. If you should happen to be at the Texas State Fair today, if a group of people sprinting around juggling beers, corn dogs and smartphones doesn’t give us away, these shirts will hopefully do the trick.

Rules and Submission Guidelines

The scavenger hunt has very few rules. 1.    Keep it creative 2.    Keep it clean 3.    Keep it on time 4.    Keep it only images (no supporting text)

Each team’s submissions will be made via the RD2 blog...


RD2 Cries “Know Fair!” at the Texas State Fair

Oct 18 2011
RD2 Cries “Know Fair!” at the Texas State Fair
Yee Haw!! Get Ready For The RD2 First Annual “Know Fair!” Competition!

This year, RD2 is crying, “Know Fair!” about the Texas State Fair and launching our very first annual scavenger hunt competition. We’re going to be putting our creative minds and photographic skills to the ultimate test and asking all our loyal, somewhat loyal, or even Fairweather Johnson fans to help us decide the winning team...