Android Ice Cream Sandwich UI Study: Don’t let your users melt away.

Nov 10 2011
Android Ice Cream Sandwich UI Study: Don’t let your users melt away.
The Set Up

Google’s new operating system, code named Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) promises to do many things in the realm of application development. Developers are rejoicing at the ability to develop one application that will work on both tablets and smart phones. Users can’t wait for the boost in phone performance and sleek new interface features. Electronics manufacturers and Cellular service providers are waiting with baited breath to finally be able to support an operating system that has a defined and scheduled release pattern...

Dell Streak: ITEN Android Application Overview

Nov 12 2010

Previously we tweeted and submitted a post announcing a new Android application we launched with Dell. We’ve had a lot of interest in this application based on the enthusiasm at Dell and around the simplicity of the interface.

Personally, I’ve been very impressed with the Dell Streak. It is a solid, solid device. Loaded with Android 2.1 it’s even more impressive. We used the recommended Android SDK for developing this application. To support the content management needs, we used a simplified version of WordPress to serve up 100% of the content you see in this video...

Launch: Information Technology Executive – Android Application

Oct 4 2010

Yes, it’s a very “Touchy Subject.” You simply need to try the new Dell Streak. Personally, I really love the form factor. When browsing the web or email on this device it feels similar to a Sony PSP to me. It’s very comfortable, natural, and easy, whether one handed or two. At five inches on the screen, this is a different form factor. It’s very realistic to carry around day to day. It fits in your pocket and is so much better for reading than a standard smart phone.

The Dell Streak is an Android based tablet with a lot of power. Dell contacted us about creating an Android application for this new device that was to be provided at the EMEA CIO PAC Conference in Berlin...