Dell Launches Social Hub

Mar 5 2012

While corporations face a host of Social Media issues (the new Facebook Timeline aside), fragmentation is quickly becoming one of the most paramount and difficult to wrangle. With so many social networks and so many individual company segments that need representation in each network, corporations can easily become lost among a sea of social media islands. Customers can then become isolated, turning into conversation castaways. Looking to stay ahead of the curve, Dell contacted RD2 to help create a new, central place for users to socialize, engage, and interact.

Looking to highlight the volume, frequency, and diversity of content that Dell and all Dell’s segments produce, RD2 decided to take a new approach to creating a “social hub” site. The result is an experience that is all about engagement and interaction, providing users with not only a central place to view all of Dell’s social content, but also the ability to experience it as it happens, and the ability to drill down into the properties and segments that appeal to them most. For Dell, it creates a fresh, new way to help unify their properties and overcome social fragmentation. For users, it’s a new way to connect, play, engage, and explore all the content and conversations that Dell has to offer.

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