More Ways to Browse Dell Events!

Jul 18 2012

Yesterday, we launched several new enhancements to the Dell Event Community Site...



Innovation at the push of a button

Apr 6 2012
Innovation at the push of a button

RD2 has been fortunate enough to have had a long working history with Dell. Over the years we have been able to forge solid working relationships with many people there and in some cases, turned them into great personal friendships. It has been through the ongoing exercise of trust and delivery that we have been able to push the envelope for Dell and help prove to ourselves we can do it.

Dell approached RD2 with a new concept. It was called vStart. A new approach to the whole ‘cloud’ and ‘virtualization’ craze. What Dell created was a fantastic new idea that was shocking it hadn’t been done yet...

Dell Launches Social Hub

Mar 5 2012

While corporations face a host of Social Media issues (the new Facebook Timeline aside), fragmentation is quickly becoming one of the most paramount and difficult to wrangle. With so many social networks and so many individual company segments that need representation in each network, corporations can easily become lost among a sea of social media islands. Customers can then become isolated, turning into conversation castaways...

Rishi Dave On RD2

Oct 18 2011

It’s humbling to work with smart people like Rishi Dave. He’s seriously one of the smartest people I know. Rishi is a hard driver and a tremendous partner of RD2. He’s been our counterpart on many successful Dell initiatives. Rishi is the Executive Director of Online Marketing at Dell. He’s has degrees in Chemical Engineering and Economics with Honors at Stanford University. Rishi also holds an MBA in Marketing from Wharton School. Sheesh!!

Just last week I had the chance to catch a few seconds of Rishi on camera to get his feedback on working with RD2 during the Dell World Conference in Austin, Texas.

Rishi also is an avid runner and cyclist...

Dell ITEN Suite – Launches at Dell World 2011

Oct 17 2011
Dell ITEN Suite – Launches at Dell World 2011

This past week the Dell ITEN application became a family, a software and web suite of premium hosted content for the Dell IT Executive Network. What is the Dell ITEN suite? Here’s a snippet that is in the description of the mobile apps:

The Dell IT Executive Network (ITEN) application puts in one place the greatest content in the world for IT Executives.

The Dell ITEN application is designed to provide access to a rich content selection using a simple, easy to use format...

Dell and RD2 Launch the Dell Team Lotus Formula One Website

May 31 2011

A few weeks back we received a call from Andy Lark who was traveling on the other side of our planet. He knows a few of us are racing fanatics. He asked us to learn about the Lotus Formula One Racing Team. This is code for “gonna need you guys to design and build a world class website in a fast pace.

We learned about the technology that drives and enables Formula One racing and how Dell was able to help by building a command center that can be setup in hours at any Formula One track in the world. We learned that the car is completely disassembled hours before a race...



Dell Community Pulse Mention

Jul 30 2008

The Customer Experience Labs comments on the Community Pulse about how customers “just want to be heard.” The Community Pulse is a great way for Dell, Inc. customers to be heard and to get their issues out in the open...

Dell Community Pulse

Jul 22 2008

There are many reasons we love to work with clients like Dell, Inc., not the least of which is that they genuinely want to engage and listen to their brand community. It is not unusual for Dell, Inc. to launch an application like IdeaStorm to take suggestions directly from the mouths of their community members, and then make changes to their company and products based on those suggestions. The next in the lineup of community applications is Community Pulse.

Community Pulse allows anyone to submit their thoughts on Dell’s products and business. Users don’t have to register...