Ford Canada Blog: Going Wild with the 2013 Escape

May 10 2013

Looking to use of the Ford Blue blog as a destination URL for their advertising and promotional campaigns, RD2 was tasked with creating a branded page that was in sync with the recently launched “Going Wild” campaign for the 2013 Escape. Luckily for us, there was more than enough good content to work with. Centered around the unlikely pairing of a rugged outdoorsman and his “over bear-ing” companion, , the campaign follows the two as they banter, explore, and tout the Escape’s ability to thrive in both the city and the Great Outdoors.

Unique page features include the ability to pull content from both the blog and outside sources (like YouTube), to set custom images and page backgrounds, and set unique advertising promotions to create an experience that both worked with the campaign and directed visitors to explore additional content. Like all of the Ford Blue blog, it is responsive and powered by WordPress.




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