Ford Canada Blog: 9 Artists, 4 Weeks, 2 Subways, 1 Fiesta

May 13 2013

Ford Canada, Sonic Boom, and RD2 have joined forces once again for a new and exciting promotional campaign highlighting the launch of the 2014 Ford Fiesta. Simply called, “24 hours of Fiesta,” nine local artists will be taking over two Montreal Metro subway stations for four weeks and display their own original artwork inspired by the 2014 Ford Fiesta, which will then change rotate every 72 hours. Anyone in and around Montreal, Quebec can interact with the exciting exhibits by using the hashtag #Fiesta24h and posting to Twitter or Instagram.

While being an extension for promotional campaigns from the Ford Blue blog like the Ford Escape campaign we wanted to take a step back and embrace the unique characters of each artist to make this destination as vibrant and exciting as the Ford Fiesta. Every artist page has their own signature custom color and background pulled from their own art. This is carried through to the color of every light box where the user can download hi res versions of each piece.

The campaign serves as a guerrilla style promotion for the Artists and Ford Fiesta and is geared to people in and around the Montreal Metro. They will be able to enjoy viewing the Artists installations while at the subway station and learn more by going to the promotional website on their desktop, phone or tablet since the website is fully responsive.












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