Fighting Blog Comment Spam

Dec 30 2004

It seems our blog is starting to get some attention. Unfortunately, it is by comment spammers. Realizing that dropping their links across blogs everywhere is a great way to up their search engine rankings, comment spammers make fake comments on posts, much to the annoyance of bloggers everywhere.

To fight this, today I installed the WordPress plug-in “Spam Karma.”

Spam Karma was a very simple install. I downloaded a .zip file from the link above, unzipped the file, uploaded one file to an existing directory on our blog server, and put the rest of the files in a new directory. Then, I logged into our blog’s adminstration interface and activated the plug-in. Once that was set up, Spam Karma immediately found 27 comment spams.

Spam Karma works by comparing every comment submitted to a “blacklist” of known spammers and words often used in comment spam (like poker and various prescription drugs). Comments are given a score based on the likelihood that they are spam. Comments with a low score are automatically posted, comments with a high score (obvious spam) are deleted, and comments that fall in the middle are sent to a moderation queue. For a more in-depth explanation of Spam Karma’s process, check out Introduction to Spam Karma.



One Comment to “Fighting Blog Comment Spam”

  1. Oh, so it’s kinda like SpamAssassin but for blog comments. Nifty.

    By Alex on December 30th, 2004 at 11:12 am

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