links for 2005-08-04

Aug 4 2005
LinkChecker – Firefox link validator extension for web developers When activated, this extension for Firefox checks the links in the current page and color-codes them (green for “ok”, red for “bad”). Best Practices: Implementing javascript for rich internet applications – Thinking and Making Austin Govella writes about best practices for using JavaScript...


Back to the Firefox Trunk Builds!

Dec 31 2004

In a blog entry earlier this month, I compared the Firefox branch builds to the Firefox trunk builds (and concluded at the time that it was best to stick with the branch builds for now). Though the previous entry goes into more detail on the “branch” vs the “trunk”, here’s a mini-recap: the Firefox development team creates a separate copy of the codebase just before every major release; and, only low-risk bugfixes are applied to this “branch”. And, for a time after the Firefox 1.0 release, the “1.0 branch” was more stable than the trunk...

Firefox is cool – safari bookmarks import easily

Aug 21 2004

I have recently started using the Firefox browser from Mozilla. I love it! It seems to be very compatible with everything that I do. What I especially like is the “type-find” feature. Well, I am not sure what they call it, but it works very well. For years I would find my self using the “find” feature to search for keywords on web pages. Now, with Firefox, I simply type and the key words or phrases are highlighted on the pages as I type. Very, very nice.

Now, there was one problem that I resolved today… I almost had to go back to Safari because I could not figure out how to easily import all of my bookmarks into Firefox from Safari...