On the Road with Ben Spies

Mar 15 2012

Every once in a while, an opportunity comes up that seems too good to be true.  RD2 has been working with Moto GP superstar Ben Spies for the past year by creating his new brand, redesigning and developing his new website, as well as many other endeavors.

When Mary Spies first told me that I may be going to Italy and Switzerland for a few days with her and Ben, I thought it was a far-fetched idea that she had.  Low and behold, one month later I was arriving in Milan, Italy, only to e...

A Visit From the Luxembourg National Champ

Aug 24 2011

Today we had another guest in the office. His name is Christian Helmig. He’s a member of the Elbowz Racing Team and he’s had a fantastic year. We did not get to take some snaps of him when the rest of the team was at the office earlier in the year, so we made up for lost time today...