cupcakes of deliciousness + 2

Jan 12 2005

Jeffrey Zeldman has done more than most have the energy for with regard to encouraging web standards, clean code and intelligent CSS, and today is his birthday.

Almost as if to prove how seriously dedicated we are to enforcing standardized web coding at our firm, Alex brought in homemade cupcakes to help us celebrate the man getting older.

Here’s to you, Jeffrey...


fruitcake recipe

Dec 23 2004

Since long before I was born, it’s been a Busch Family Tradition to have chili & hot chocolate on Christmas Eve. Nobody’s sure exactly what year or why this began, but given that my father grew up in Wisconsin, we imagine it probably happened whatever year was the coldest, and when his family didn’t have a lot of extra cash for extravagant dinners. It worked out so well, we suppose, that people in my family have enjoyed it every year since.

Well, most of us have enjoyed it. We found out almost after the fact that my two sisters really didn’t enjoy chili & hot chocolate all that much...


rd2 im icons

Dec 2 2004

Business ’round here is never slow, but when it was a tiny bit slower, I went to our web site and grabbed the RD2 logo and cropped it so it would fit in the space allowed for Buddy Icons (popular among AIM and iChat users, among others). Leia joined the company and decided to play along and used the logo for her IM icon as well.

Inspiration struck yesterday and she decided to implement a company-wide system of buddy icons, all with the RD2 logo and all including our names. I think she was a little taken aback by my overwhelmed excitement when she was finished, which was about 5 minutes after she started (and that includes the time it took to eat the pizza)...

breakfast tacos

Nov 19 2004

It occurred to me that we haven’t blogged about our breakfast tacos. Really, Alex would be better qualified, because he pays more attention to food than, well, anyone I’ve met, but I’m here at the office early and I’m patiently awaiting our Friday morning treat.

We get them from a place nearby called “Tin Star“. The particularly fun part is that we never know exactly which kind of breakfast tacos we’re going to get, because different people keep enjoying the responsibility of doing the ordering. But, I have noticed that we always get at least four of the tacos made up of mostly potatoes. Man, those things are so tasty...


The right employment strategy

Oct 21 2004

I come from a guerilla-style, one-man-army type of mindset where web development is concerned, and collaborating on building a web site, what is essentially a creative endeavor, is still growing on me as The Way to Do It. RD2 employs a strategy that recognizes the fact that people are more right-brained, or more left-brained, and very seldom will you find someone who is perfectly balanced. While it’s true that a person can handle both design tasks and information architecture tasks, we realize that a person is likely to be good at one and not so much at the other.

I wanted to be good at drawing, but I had to face the fact roundabout 7th grade that it simply wasn’t going to happen: the pen would refuse to translate my thoughts onto paper...

which or that?

Aug 4 2004

We were fine-tooth combing our portfolio book, searching for any typos or misspellings, and as luck (or smart business decisions) would have it, we’ve got a couple of grammar nerds in the office. Correcting someone’s grammar in a friendly setting can be seen as confrontational, but where business is concerned, we feel it’s vital.

We came across the word “that” in a restrictive clause, and we weren’t sure if it was more proper to use “that” or “which.” To be honest, I wasn’t sure until just now what a restrictive clause is. I love words, but I certainly hated grammar back in 7th grade; somehow teachers found a way to make learning anything dull...

clear and concise

Aug 4 2004

I was reading the other day about smart web design techniques, and one of them impressed the importance of using only as many aesthetic elements as you need to convey the message of the site. That is to say that if you feel like adding a little doily in the background, you’d better be sure that it helps express the reason for the page and takes nothing away from the same.

It’s no surprise that the same is true with words; over and over again we are told that “less is more.” Best friends can convey many sentences’ worth of information with a single glance, filled with nuance and poetry, but a lot of business communication can require a paragraph to explain a single point...

we blog

Jul 25 2004

Bryan, here. I’m a Project Manager at RD2, as well as the “weblogmaster” for the company. At 5 1/2 years, I’m not exactly a pioneer of the medium, but I have been around the block a few times, and you may know me from sites like the current events satire site “What Would Brian Boitano Do?”, and, a chronicle of the journals kept by former cast members of “The Real World” and “Road Rules.”

Since I fell in love with the Internet in 1993, and before that, the dial-in BBS, I have delighted in the multitude of ways people use it to connect to each other...