Launch: Naked Pizza reveals all

Feb 27 2013


Pizza. That magical pie that has all four food groups in it. Pizza. That wonderful, round, savory food – perfect at childhood slumber parties or for pulling all-nighters in College. Pizza. Hot or Cold, it doesn’t matter.

I guess they are out there, but I have yet to find anyone who does not appreciate the beauty that is pizza. Even some of the pickiest eaters I know hold pizza in high regard. Ask my three and a half year old son what his favorite food is and he will tell you, “Ninja Turtle Pizza!” (The TMNT’s are back, by the way).

When Naked Pizza approached RD2 about revisiting their current website to make it more user friendly across all digital platforms, all we had to hear was ‘naked’ and ‘pizza’ and we were all ears. We knew from the start this was going to be fun. Naked Pizza has a single goal with their food; to make pizzas that are natural with whole food ingredients with no added chemicals. Their special Ancestral Blend® Crust alone has 10 grains plus prebiotic agave fiber and probiotics. It is pretty amazing.

Naked Pizza is a relatively new company yet they have already garnered much press and praise and are beginning to grow at an expedited rate. We knew immediately the new website had to reach as many people as possible on whatever device they happen to be on at that time. Responsive was the only way to go. Not only did we make the overall website responsive, but we also crafted the special experience for people who are on their phones and want to order pizza or find the nearest Naked Pizza location quickly. Google maps integration makes this experience quick and easy.

Since Naked Pizza already has an established brand look and feel, we ensured that the visual language and colors were echoed in the design execution while adding an extra layer of photography that was focused on fresh ingredients. We were able to apply our Responsive Framework to the redesign and as a result were able to build it in an incredibly efficient way in a short amount of time.

We look forward to some great things with Naked Pizza and cannot wait until they open their first location here in Texas, preferably in Dallas.

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