Launch: Maxava maximizes availability with a new responsive website design

Feb 26 2013

Maxava is a company that is based on responsiveness. Their products help companies react with agility, “when every second counts for high availability.” The case studies of Maxava tell amazing stories about the challenges companies face today in the world of high available data.

When Maxava approached RD2 to help them update their website, we knew their next website had to be accessible to as many people as possible – it had to be responsive. Given the complex nature of their business however, crafting a new responsive website design involved a substantial UX effort to make sure that all content that was accessible on the desktop was also accessible on any device. Additionally, Maxava was already running WordPress Multisite to support the Cloud Microsite as well as a Japanese installation.

Since their last website launch, it was apparent to both RD2 and Maxava that as their product offering and expertise had grown, so had their audiences. Audience Analysis and Personas research revealed that while some of the target audiences had remained, key messaging had changed to reflect expanding business markets. To that end, a focus on the basics was again necessary: Design, Content, and Information hierarchy.

Focusing on delivering better content faster was key with the redesign. Minimizing the layers of the old website, helping users find points of contact, and clarifying the product offering was regarded as the most important objectives. An added request was the inclusion of Salesforce integration, tying the website and the sales funnel together. Of course, unique user information is now captured to help Maxava understand their visitors, what they download, and how they might improve their CRM solution to better serve their clients and partners.

Keeping in line with other newly redesigned marketing materials, RD2 worked to capture the ingenuity of the company and a sense of control over chaos with clean lines and clear information contrasted with abstract, angular patterns throughout the new responsive website design. Imagery has been revised to more appropriately more global audience.

With the launch, Maxava enters the New Year with a fresh face and confidence that every aspect of the company is engineered to quickly and efficiently respond to all the needs of their clients.


Maxava gets a new responsive website design | Home page

Maxava gets a new responsive website design | Products page

Maxava gets a new responsive website design | Partners page

Maxava gets a new responsive website design | Contact page

3 Comments to “Launch: Maxava maximizes availability with a new responsive website design”

  1. The new website is cleaner, clearer and well focused on user experience. We are extremely happy with the the work done by the wonderful team at RD2.

    By Roxanne – Maxava on February 28th, 2013 at 5:14 pm
  2. Thanks, Roxanne! Always glad to hear when clients are happy with the final outcome.

    By Rob Karlovetz on February 28th, 2013 at 5:17 pm
  3. You’re the best. Thank You, Roxanne!

    By Chris Ronan on February 28th, 2013 at 5:21 pm

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