Emirates Team New Zealand Hoists the Main Sail

Oct 30 2012

Lots of companies have a blog. Lots of companies think they have a lot to say. Once they have one in place it isn’t always utilized effectively or the content is not as meaningful as it needs to be. So, it is great when a company really embraces their inner writer and publishes posts daily, if not multiple times a day with rich and meaningful content. Such is the case with Emirates Team New Zealand and their blog.

A Solid Home Base

With the America’s Cup World Series recently wrapping up and the ETNZ Team taking fourth overall, there was reason for celebration, fanfare, and spreading the news. So much so that we had to revisit how we were treating the homepage of the blog. Prior to the update we simply had the latest blog post at the top of the page. ETNZ is not only a world-class sailing team, they are also some of the most prolific writers we have come across in a long time, often posting multiple stories within a 24 hour period. To better serve the rush of posts coming in, we are now displaying the four latest blog posts along with an expandable video carousel showcases the ten latest videos.

WPtouch and Go

With this update we also installed the latest WPtouch plugin to the blog in order to optimize the content through all mobile devices like iPhone and Android to name a few. This will allow users to get a mobile view of all the content while they are on the go. Before the update, users would have to pinch and zoom in order to fully digest a majority of the content within the website.

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