Everything Together Fiesta!

Aug 27 2013

Ford Canada, Sonic Boom, and RD2 have teamed up once again to launch a new website for the Ford Fiesta.

To celebrate the the new 2014 Fiesta, RD2 helped Ford Canada launch #Fiesta Moments, a website dedicated to all things Fiesta.  Choose how you want to browse the website and learn about the new Fiesta features by clicking between the tabs at the top: The Fashioniesta, The Connoisseur, The Night Owl, The Driver. Each focuses on different features such as voice activated navigation and ambient lighting.

Here is more from the website describing #Fiesta Moments, ”We all have different elements to our personality. And because you’re so versatile and connected, shouldn’t your car be the same? Meet the new Fiesta, which is up for anything, just like you. Whether you want to hug corners in style, stay connected with voice-activated technology1 or get “pass the pump” efficiency on your next road trip, the new Fiesta has everything to fit your life.”

The website also features content from some of Canada’s most well known bloggers and you can get social by checking out the Buzz, populated with the latest tweets, instagram, and Facebook posts. Like the other Ford Canada social properties, the website is multilingual, available in English and French.

Stay tuned for more on #Fiesta Moments!


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