Tracy Naftalis & Counsel Source – A 17 Year Journey

Aug 1 2012
Tracy Naftalis & Counsel Source – A 17 Year Journey

It’s not very often we have the opportunity to work with someone like . Tracy started her career as an attorney and had a successful decade long run as a practicing attorney. If you met Tracy, you would understand in a second why she left her career as an attorney to become a recruiter in her field. Tracy is masterful in the art of match-making in the arena where lawyers do business as lawyers. She knows the market, she knows the people, and she is not afraid to tell her candidates exactly what they need to hear. It’s her job to advise them to become the best possible lawyers they can be. And Tracy’s track record shows 17 years of placing candidates of all shapes and sizes into spectacular positions. What’s more, Tracy does not put a square peg in a round hole. She is exceptionally skilled at finding the right person for the right job at the right time.

When we started working with Tracy she knew she wanted to evolve her brand. She has been working with the same brand identity for a long period of time. Tracy felt that it was time to show her peers, her competition, her clients, and her candidate recruits that she fully intends to leverage her decades of experience in the field to drive even harder to the next level. To build upon her methodologies and practices that have worked so well for her and to push further into the next level of her business. She wanted a brand that showed her tenure and pedigree in the business. She wanted to be approachable, but not too approachable. What we know from working with her is that everyone wants her time. Everyone would be so lucky to have Tracy as a career coach. But she does not have time for everyone so she must remain selective and must be completely up front with her candidates about what it will take to land that ideal placement.

Tracy does not pull any punches. She takes on each candidate as if they are her personal project. She is keen to help them think about what to wear, how early (or not) to show up, how to write a thank you letter. So many of these things are taken for granted but with Tracy the devil is in the details and she has those bases covered like no other.

So, what did we do? We got to know Tracy. We asked her to give us her pitch. We had the unique chance to really get to understand how she applies her tools to her trade. She impressed us in a giant way. By the end of it we all wanted to put our careers in her hands. Even though it’s a different field, we just did not care. She’s that good. So we built her a new brand identity and worked with her through that process to land on something that is unique, memorable, and has a sophisticated level of design built-in. We then ran our color tests to come up with a color pallette that not only worked with Tracy’s tastes, but that took into consideration the emotional impact of those color tones on her targeted audience. We wanted something easy to read, something beautiful, something that made visitors see a place they wanted to be part of, but they were not a part of yet. And we wrapped the brand and color attributes into a website design that expressed the core values and proposition that Tracy offers with her business. We wanted to build a professional allure. This is Tracy’s place. It’s her brand, her legacy, a place where she will continue to change and enlighten the lives of many candidates for years to come. The following screens represent the new brand and website home base for Tracy Naftalis of Counsel Source.


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