PowerbyProxi Puts On a Show

Jul 11 2012

Looking to highlight their new product offering and their recent product application success, PowerbyProxi asked RD2 to help create some new trade show graphics to travel with them to various events. While most people consider trade show graphics a great place to put hard to explain content, we believe in the three second rule

You have only three seconds to establish an emotional impression from the instant you engage your audience. During that first three seconds your audience will formulate a decision as to whether or not they will invest in the next three seconds.

Most advertising agencies will tell you that billboards have the shortest time frame for engagement at a whopping seven seconds, but we believe seven seconds only happens after the first three. This rule applies to almost all levels of engagement whether it’s on websites, radio commercials, televisions shows, or trade show booths. With that in mind, we designed the graphics for PowerbyProxi to be visually engaging up close as well as from a distance, with emphasis on brand and high impact messaging. Combined with some new, elegant motion graphics displayed on an HDTV and an excited group of sales people, PowerbyProxi reported a record attendance with several new leads as a direct result of the first event.

PowerbyProxi Trade Show Booth

PowerbyProxi Trade Show Booth: Atlanta, GA

PowerbyProxi Trade Show Booth: Atlanta, GA

PowerbyProxi Trade Show Booth: Atlanta, GA


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