Dell Events Social Website Launch

Aug 30 2011

Recently we quietly rolled out a new website for Dell that works harder to keep Dell employees and consumers more up to speed on Dell Events that are happening anywhere in the world. With Dell’s representation in so many countries across its business units, there’s always something going on.

The new Dell Events website was designed to create a central repository and user view for all Dell Events. Like almost every website we design for Dell, this website has a Dell branded look and feel that is deeply social in nature. Events today are very social in nature and Dell is making it a priority to connect with Event constituents from the time an event is announced through post Event follow up.

This new website is rich in user interaction elements including:

  • Dell feature events
  • Event search
  • Event tagging
  • Event registration
  • Add event to calendar
  • Share events with your network such as Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook
  • Event buzz through Twitter
  • Event tweets
  • Event google maps
  • Events on DellTV

Events are cataloged on the Dell Event’s website based on “Event Type” and “Industry” which creates a taxonomy by which Event Managers create Events in the system and allows users to drill down into events based on these parameters.

Like the other applications we’ve designed with Dell, the new Dell Events website creates a centering point for the many activities related to Dell. This website brings together the efforts of many people from many locations in how they organize and tell the world about Events while using a common platform for all information. Social media is used as the activation tool to take Event management to a new level.

Finally, this is another great example of where WordPress can offer a solution outside of the standard blog application. Knowing your way around the inter-workings of WordPress will allow you to create website applications like this for your organization.


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  1. Very nice …

    By newt on August 30th, 2011 at 10:52 am

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