Taste of New Zealand

Jul 7 2011

My first meal was at Cafe Melba. Amazing, Amazing, Amazing. Andy and Greg introduced us to the “Flat White” and the “Long Black.” Of course it had been a long flight so we needed massive amounts of coffee. Upon my first taste I was stunned. Really, the coffee is just amazing in New Zealand.

I’m not a coffee aficianado by any means, so a trusty link to Wikipedia here will explain the “Flat White” and the “Long Black.”

After inhaling several cups of Flat White and a Long Black, I began to feel awake and decided to sample the menu. Oatmeal sounded familiar and good to me. But they did not call it oatmeal in New Zealand. Instead, I ordered the Porridge. The Porridge was awesome. Probably steel cut oats with fresh New Zealand cream and two plums. Never thought of plums in my oatmeal but it was sooooo good.

It was here that I decided that I should try to take as many pictures in New Zealand, of the food…

Another general observation was that all of the food we ate was generally very fresh. The eggs were different. Fresher. Very delicious. They tend to serve eggs a bit runny, but I like them that way anyway. According to everyone I asked, much of their eggs and meats are all free range. They all roam free in the country side. Whatever, it’s all so delicious.

Below is a picture of something that immediately struck me. The serving sizes. They are not big. Coming from Texas, even the glasses are smaller. I’d even noticed there were only generally small sizes in coffee. But it’s so good you don’t mind. Not once did I visit a Starbucks while in New Zealand for a Vente Americano. Not once did I want to nor did I miss it.

Look how pretty the coffee is there. This is a Flat White.

Here’s eggs and bacon on toast. The bacon in New Zealand is not typically crispy like it is here in the United States. It’s a bit more like a ham texture but tastes like the most amazing bacon you have ever had.

Here’s an up close shot of the porridge. You can see the rich cream along the outside and this version of the porridge had some caramel almonds. Delicious, delicious, delicious.

This was definitely one of my favorites. This was Mince and toast. Basically it’s a meat sauce over toast with a poached egg on top. Unbelievable!

Sliced tomato, Celery, a giant mushroom, beans, a poached egg, and toast.

Free range Venison and black pudding. Was not crazy about the “black pudding” and then later found out that it’s technically blood sausage. Ewe. I’ll say the Venison was unlike any venison I have ever had. Not gamy at all and cooked to perfection. This was my main dish at a local favorite called Clooney’s in Auckland.

OK, hard to remember but I think this was red snapper @ Clooney’s.

Tuna! @ Clooney’s

Quail! @ Clooney’s


Chicken Pot Pie

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