Social Media Maturity Model

Oct 21 2008

After the launch of our latest site, you may have noticed the Social Media Maturity Model displayed prominently on RD2′s updated Solutions page.

The Social Media Maturity Model displays the seven levels of Social Media participation and integration for organizations. We use this model to graphically show our clients where they measure in regards to Social Media, where they could be, and what it will take to get them where they need to be.

It is important to note that as every organization has different goals, there is no one “magic” place to be on this curve. We have to consider each individual organization and industry separately to determine their ideal place on the graph. As we all know, Social Media for Social Media’s sake does not help organizations achieve their goals.

Below are attributes of each of the stages in the curve -

  1. Unaware – Either oblivious to social media, or aware of the concept but feel it’s just a fad and not important to their business.
  2. Listening – Immersed in conversation across a variety of social media tools and networks, though not yet engaging customers.
  3. Participating – Sharing materials with the community. Beginning to start a dialogue, rather than a monologue, with their customers.
  4. Measuring- Creating mechanisms to measure community impact in all areas of the business. Attributing ROI or other improvements to social media. Enacting change as a result of customer feedback.
  5. Letting Go – No longer attempting to control the conversation. Facilitating, inspiring, and starting to influence customers to talk about their brand. Understanding that negativity can be used positively. This is the mental step where an organization goes from reactive to proactive.
  6. Actively Engaging – Creating personalized social media tools. Providing more opportunities for customers to talk about the brand. Maintaining open, honest, and authentic dialogue.
  7. Propagating – Social media is utilized throughout the organization, not just a single department. Utilizing community tools to enhance, improve, or replace existing communications business processes.


We have received these kind words from Sally Herbert, acclaimed consultant and friend of RD2, on our Social Media Maturity Model approach:

Accolades to RD2 for the leadership in creating a Social Media Maturity Model to assist companies in assessing where they are on the maturity curve. Your social and interactive media solutions to assist a client to accelerate up the curve provide innovation with high business impact. In the current economic environment all companies should seek to actively engage with their customers, vendors and other stakeholder communities.

Sally M. Herbert
Co-Founder of Dallas Advisory Partners LLC

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