Absolute Positioning over Form Elements

Dec 9 2004

One of my coworkers asked me the other day about whether absolutely positioned elements can be placed over form elements. I recalled back to yesteryear when that certainly was an issue, though I wasn’t sure if that still affected browsers today. (Most commonly, the issue would come up with dynamic menus which form elements could sometimes peek through.)

After some Googling, I came up with this page at the DHTML Lab (aka WebReference) which addresses the issue...

The Ronan Dictionary

Dec 3 2004

For some reason, my fellow team members here at RD2 seem to find it amusing to criticize the words that I use. It seems that they all think that they are so smart (and they usually are) about the English language, that they often make funny faces and noises while I am talking. This usually occurs when I use a word that may or may not be in Webster’s dictionary. Let’s just get this right out in the open. I fully realize that there are times that I get a little emotional when I am talking. Sometimes my arms start flapping around uncontrollably while I am speaking my own personal sign language to make a point. Then, for some reason, words start to come out that are not real words. According to my colleagues, they should not be used in the first place...


Stick with the Firefox branch builds for now

Dec 2 2004

Firefox is gaining attention as a web browser, especially with features such as tabbed browsing and popup blocking (in addition to handy extensions such as the Web Developer Toolbar and Optomiz’ mouse gestures). And, as part of their development process, the Firefox team creates a “branch” of the code base before every major release — essentially, this creates a second copy of the code base to which they can apply small bug fixes while continuing development of larger (and potentially more unstable) patches on the “trunk”...

rd2 im icons

Dec 2 2004

Business ’round here is never slow, but when it was a tiny bit slower, I went to our web site and grabbed the RD2 logo and cropped it so it would fit in the space allowed for Buddy Icons (popular among AIM and iChat users, among others). Leia joined the company and decided to play along and used the logo for her IM icon as well.

Inspiration struck yesterday and she decided to implement a company-wide system of buddy icons, all with the RD2 logo and all including our names. I think she was a little taken aback by my overwhelmed excitement when she was finished, which was about 5 minutes after she started (and that includes the time it took to eat the pizza)...

12k dreaming

Nov 26 2004

Years ago, when we were trying to make our bid on the professional racing scene, we were always so interested in what a professional lifestyle would be like. The reality of it is that while we have all come to know Lance Armstrong and his amazing accomplishments, he is one of the very few who are making real money in the sport of cycling. He is probably the only one in the world making “Tom Cruise Money.”

At one race in California about a decade ago, a team mate of mine got into an altercation with a Nutra-Fig professional rider. This guy thought he owned the road and felt that we should all bow to him since he was a professional and actually got paid a salary to race a bike...


Rolling Back to Old Versions of Files in CVS

Nov 24 2004

We use CVS on many of our projects. CVS allows several developers to collaborate on the same file, tracking their changes and merging them. At RD2, we use a program on our Windows machines called Tortoise CVS to interface with the CVS server. Tortoise CVS provides a friendlier interface to using CVS than using the command line (unless that floats your boat!).

Last week, in the course of developing a page for one of our clients, I determined that the route I was taking (and the changes I had “committed” to the CVS server) was not the direction I wanted to go, and needed to roll back to a previous version of the file...


breakfast tacos

Nov 19 2004

It occurred to me that we haven’t blogged about our breakfast tacos. Really, Alex would be better qualified, because he pays more attention to food than, well, anyone I’ve met, but I’m here at the office early and I’m patiently awaiting our Friday morning treat.

We get them from a place nearby called “Tin Star“. The particularly fun part is that we never know exactly which kind of breakfast tacos we’re going to get, because different people keep enjoying the responsibility of doing the ordering. But, I have noticed that we always get at least four of the tacos made up of mostly potatoes. Man, those things are so tasty...


Alex – Monkey as a VERB is Cool

Oct 27 2004

Yesterday we installed a Wiki for RD2. I wanted to experiment with a Wiki to see if we could get some value out of this form of information sharing. I was talking to the class today about how I was “monkey-ing” around with the Wiki, trying to figure it out last night, and Alex pointed out that this was the first time he had heard the work “monkey” used as a verb in our office this month. Now, it is hard to tell when Alex is being sarcastic, but I think that in his little way he was correcting me for using this work in a way that was unusual...