in our headphones

Dec 10 2004

Yesterday, a visit to the used CD store during lunch revealed the differing tastes we all have in music. Alex picked up a few metal discs. Bryan grabbed a TV show’s soundtrack. I grabbed two CDs ( and ) for a holiday party I’m co-hosting this weekend.

We all enjoy listening to our own music in our headphones (and sometimes out loud, particularly when Bryan busts out singing). We thought it would be neat to have our playlists post to our blog. So now, in the left column, below our lists of links, you’ll find the current songs that are are playing “in our headphones”.


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  1. I love the “Christmas Wrapping” song that you have currently playing Leia. It is probably my favorite Christmas tune.

    By JAbbott on December 20th, 2004 at 10:22 am

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