a BIG thank you

Mar 16 2007

About a year ago my mom got really obsessed with the online video feed of a certain baby panda. She would send emails to me AT WORK (old job) telling me to “go look at what the baby panda is doing! He’s up in the tree and he’s so cute.” She is quoted as saying about this panda, “that is what life is all about.” I laughed.

I recently got robbed. My practice room, where I go to sound bad on my instrument, was full of all of my gear and someone decided to take it all while I was in Mexico climbing (see recent post). I have a renters insurance policy that I got when I moved into the room to protect myself if something like this happened. I asked a certain insurance agency (ALLSTATE) if my equipment would be covered should the room get broken into when I got the policy. Well, wouldn’t you know it… it IS covered.. but only about 2 grand worth. So that would have been kindov nice to know. Not really going to cover the $13,000 of gear I lost. So I am in a sad place right now but I believe it will all work out. Worse things have happened to people.

Good friends are a true blessing in life and I am honored to be surrounded by them here at RD2. Upon hearing of this news, they got together and decided to give me a VERY generous sum of money to help me begin a new collection. I can’t tell you what that meant to me. So I just wanted to say THANK YOU publicly to my good friends here at RD2. It’s great to be surrounded by people who are not only some of the hardest workers I have ever met, but really look out for each other. I think THAT may be what life is all about… although watching a baby panda on the internet is pretty close. Thanks, friends! You RULE!


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